COOP - Lost Comrades

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Map: Chernarus
Time: 09:20
Weather: Cloudy
Host: @Longbeard
DLC Required: None

In the year of 2008, our oppressed people in Chernarus bound together to form Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star(ChDKZ). With our secret help, where they able to free a part of Chernarus from the Chernarussian Defence Forces and their capital masters.
Answering their call for support to secure their homeland, the Russian Federation deployed forces to help police the land and guard the border. The capital pigs of USA have come to the aid of the CDF forces, but they have not pressed their lies and attacked.


I Situation

FOB Flores has not reported in this morning. We sent the light QRF team “Shura” in on chopper, our last contact with them was that they did not see anything wrong at the FOB, but they were going in for a closer look. The rest of the units in the area have gone into a heightened alert state, but reports of no suspicious activity. At the moment there don’t seem to any activity on the other side of the border either.

Friendly Forces

  • The Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation “ODON”
  • PLT, Anton, Boris, MMG, DMT, MRTR, ENG
  • Multiple elements are in the area, but they are busy keeping an eye on the frontline.


  • 4x Gaz 233011- 9 seats: 1x driver, 8x passenger.
  • 2x KamAZ 5350- 17 seats: 1x driver, 16x passenger.

Enemy Forces

  • None, we are not at war.


  • Yes, but they have been stooped.

II Mission

We have lost contact with FOB Flores and our QRF force, you are to check out what could have happened to them. As we can’t have units and FOBs disappear. That would just make us look silly.

III Execution

Commander’s Intent

  • Search base Flores and find out why it went silent.
  • Find the chopper and missing SPETNAZ personnel that went to check out Flores. The QRF consisted of 2 pilots and 5 operators.

Movement Plan

    • At PLT’s discretion.

Fire Support

  • No, as we dare not provoke the US troops across the border.

Optional Tasks

  • Find our missing team and bring them back to base.

IV Administration / Logistics


  • Crates are in the base.


  • Reinsertions will be on the hour every hour and be adhered to strictly, no deviation is allowed.
  • Reinsertions are the same for all, including vehicles teams.
  • Platoon Commander has a one time reinsertion wild card at his disposal, call this in through HQ.
  • At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in the smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
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TS3 Stats: Grafana

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