Coop Lost and Found

Please give Feedback about the mission. Tell me what you liked and disliked.

Lovely mission, got in at 2100 but still got involved in the action. I like when you feel relatively safe but have to keep sectors covered because enemy infantry is close by. Also kudos to B2! Awesome fireteam to stay in, very good job [user avatar=“” name=“Karl”]3663526[/user] as FTL!

Thank you for the mission [user avatar=“” name=“Dulabu”]11583892[/user] :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry I didn’t stay, my connection broke twice and the second time it completely died. Now I have to wait for my ISP to send technicians… From what I saw it seemed like a really interesting mission, I liked seeing elements working really far apart. Apologies to my SL and to my FT for not being there.

Nice mission Dulabu! Nothing to challenging but it was good practice for overall infantry movement. Giving work to pilots in other ways than combat was also a neat idea.
Little message to Reaper, letting loose a minigun on a camp with a medical in it, not cool ahah

Very lovely mission Dulabu. Nice simple implementation of roleplaying and clear focus on specific gameplay elements.

It was a mission that let us use our tactics and had good firefights.

10/10 very nice very handsome I like it.

Agreed with everyone above, the mission was really well put together and I enjoyed playing as an infantry platoon being flown to various locations and recover hidden items. Also loved the fact that we somewhat split up in the AO, good stuff!

Thx for all the good feedback. I will probably try to do some more missions where we have to switch our places on the map quickly, stay on the move and attack different terrains, hills, towns and fortifications to allow a max of different action and strategical options. More danger for helicopters so the landing zones will have to be more outside of AO, coast lines, behind hillsides and small covered forest areas…

Anyway! Hope you will hop on my next missions as plenty as this one!

Good mission with interesting setting and simple execution, too bad the timing of my death was not optimal in terms of rest of the mission.