Coop: Lord of War

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Just couple of my personal points of view:

  • do not let people bleed while they are unconscious (scream, smoke, drag to cover, stabilize or so)

  • injuries are reopening sometimes

  • do not ignore statement that somebody is down and do not let him bleed for 11 minutes :frowning: (I do not know that situation about medical supplies of Fishgrit and Jacob who said that he is out of bandages, maybe it could not be done better)

  • Tuesday mission 20:00 - 22:30

  • Friday mission 20:00-23:30 or two small missions
    – The time is there for some planing, movement and mission itself. It s not better or worse mission when it s restricted on some shorter or longer time (to mix everything into one short period of time can be too overwhelming or simply too much) but we have two missions weekly and the time and mission maker rules should be applied as they are good guide

  • tanks shoot on kilometers if possible, they do not look for close combat as they are vunerable on close distance - it s why I see it too much unrealistic. The same the AAs used. They would hold their position to cover other units, they would not be moving on us. I understand that it s Arma but the missions I personally like are the more or most realistic ones.

  • I have noticed too short lenght of missions repeatedly. It s better to have some other objective for the mission which will not be finished by players than the opposite or it can be done next time in the same map in continuation mission for other mission on the same map.

  • It s good when the mission has some phases like calm to hight danger and back to calm, growing tension and some different sort of engagement, task or different dynamic of the play than only one objective.

Generally, it was good mission but the tanks, shilkas, one objective and lengt of mission was not so nice.

Thanks for the comments Mother, they will be put to good use.