Coop - Letters from Kujari

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Great mission, very challenging.

Agreed with Seb, challenging but fun. Didn’t feel like a static defense mission but rather a dynamic front line going back and forth!

This one was excellent. I loved especially the initial 30 minutes. Ok ok I could not make it despite bragging before hand.

What’s the matter McFly? You… chicken? :slight_smile:

Self notes:

  • defensive missions are difficult to pull of because AI is afraid of all things, goes into combat mode and you can forget about them
  • give more ways to deal with threat (example, dagger would be useful, Seb had to steal T-72)
  • take the fuel out of tanks so Lambs AI can’t do much then
  • beware mortars, AI tend to man them and kick the shit out of players

if you want to make AI charge very aggressively there is a LAMBS AI EDEN WP module for that. It forces them to ignore taking cover / prone. At most they may go crouch to return fire. But otherwise they throw themselves at the players human-wave-style.

Regarding mortars: I personally honestly don’t mind getting killed by AI mortars. If it was a Zeus blasting us I’d be miffed but if it’s AI, especially if the mortar nest is marked at mission start, I consider it totally fair play. It can also serve to give PLT more mini-obj. to consider before taking on the main objective. Or having to choose whether or not they should try a sortie to take out the mortar position in a lull of the fighting. Just make sure that the mortars are placed around their max engagement range so their fire is a bit less accurate and takes a while to hit the players dead-on.

Personally I really enjoyed what I saw during yesterday’s mission.

Quite a fun Op from the air, though I agree with Churizo’s idea after the mission that rather than having a dedicated CAS aircraft and another CAP it would have been better to have either a single multi role aircraft type (eg the AAF L-39) or to limit Falcon’s role to one role or the other, having to swap out mid mission was a nuisance. Also as a note the RHS A-10 has been updated recently (or at least since I last flew it) and it no longer has GPS or sensors, Mavericks are fire and hope they track on the target you want and everything else is dumb fire as far as I can tell (no way to self lase bombs but certainly possible they can be lased by ground)