Coop - Last Ditch

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Really cool mission! Instant action from the beginning was very tense, for once, stress was actually a really good thing. Good amount of enemy… there was always something to do!

It was pretty hard to keep Leadership, a lot of Leaders died early on and sometimes it took a long time for people to step up!

I think defending a place as big as this City wasn’t really easy, but we managed it quite good! I liked the falling back part and getting attacked at base!

Good Work Dachi

Damn this was a good mission kudos to Dachi and Skippy.

The pacing was nice, amount of enemies and the general fighting.

I’m normally not much for the idea of a 2nd GM since I feel it doesn’t give much back and I’d rather have an extra player of the field, but this mission changed my mind. I don’t know if I was lucky and Skippy had a lot of interest in shooting at me, but the suppresing fire from the enemy with RPG’s and shots landing just by my head was amazing.

I am also very happy that Skippy took the standpoint of never going for a kill shot even in moments where you could have tought people a lesson. Wouldn’t have been the same.

The only thing I did not like about the mission was the evac part. The fighting died down under evac where it could have been continued if we didn’t rely on friendly AI. Also the helicopter piloting was clunky and left a helo hovering in 100 meters height for a couple of minutes - takes from the immersion. I would much rather have seen you place some boats in the water by the main base instead of the AI controlled helicopters. We could then have sailed to the ship with bullets flying around us instead :slight_smile:

Leadership was good. I hope I wasn’t too much of a dick sometimes [user avatar=“” name=“Zero”]1123048[/user] but it felt like you had your hands full with radios and people yelling at you, so I tried to take the burden of you from time to time calling some movement and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

But amazing job everyone it was really enjoyable!

Only was in the beginning of the OP for 2 hours or so, so I can only talk about the attack on the building site/town. My experience was that in the beginning I was put in a corner to defend, but nothing happend there. That somehow caused me to have not seen or shot a enemy for almost an hour which was a bit boring considering the amount of action others had.

I like to point this out to potential leaders during OP’s because they are the ones deciding where you will stay and they are a big factor in if the OP is fun or not for the individuals whom they tell what to do ([user avatar=“” name=“Flo”]16433725[/user] [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user] tagging you guys so you’'ll read this) I would like to clarify that this is feedback and no hard feelings towards both of you. You were good leaders IMO. Furthermore, if DM notices someone is forced to watch a certain angle I would not mind if they threw some units in that direction, but I understand it might be hard to notice.

The other thing that gave me a headache was the stairs. I’ve fallen down about 5 times during the OP. Sometimes because my character moved over the edge, other times because I glitched through the stairs. I prefer to defend locations that have better buildings because of the stairs.

Other than that I like to point out I did have fun and I enjoyed the setting and immersion. I also liked the addition of the caches, even though they were fairly easy to recover. It would have been cool if they were heavily defended IMO. Thanks for the GM('s?) and [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] for making the mission.

No hard feelings at all, [user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] , that’s what the feedback is for and I completely understand you. The beginning of the mission was pretty boring for me, as well, as we were told to hold the corner which got attacked only twice with small waves of enemies. At the same time, it seemed by the chatter over the radio that the rest of the crew was in constant action.

I would usually accept suggestions from my team members if they want to move to a better spot when I’m leading, but I was uncertain as how to proceed when I took control over yellow after [user avatar=“” name=“Flo”]16433725[/user] got headshoted to the leg. Most of the leadership was dead by that time and I was unsure who to ask what to do. So I’m really sorry that you got bored.

Things got better when we all moved back to the construction site, but even then some of us got less action then the others since we were told to guard specific corners which rarely got attacked. Which I completely understand has to happen, GMs have their arms full for the whole duration of the mission and I think Dachi and Skippy both did a great job managing the mission. One thing that was mind boggling is that the stairs were left completely unguarded. Skippy said in the debrief that he managed to sneak up four (!) times up the stairs and that there was nobody to stop him each time. I think we should revisit the leadership succession protocols as it seems to be a lot of confusion each time when we receive heavier casualties during the mission.

I really liked the retreat from the town, especially when Stuka and I were ordered to stay behind and hold the line go give our guys time to board the choppers. Not sure if that wooden bridge was destructible, but I think it would be a good idea to blow it up and prevent enemy from crossing to the island (or at least severely slow them down). When Stuka and I retreated there was nobody guarding our rear and enemy could have easily wipe us out while we were boarding the choppers if GMs wanted to.

Thank you Dachi and Skippy for a great experience!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback so far, I must say I was devastated when the AI helicopters crashed because I tested that part extensively and that mean over 10 times at least. The whole reason I had them at all and on radio triggers was so I could be free as Zeus to control some AI and shoot at you as you retreated and make the escape a lot more immersive and dramatic etc but as soon as it failed I had to manually control 3 of 4 helicopters as you can imagine no mean feat.

Sorry that some of you did not get as much action we did send troops from 3 main directions South, East and West you will see this on CNTR. You guys killed a ton of enemy so you all definitely achieved the mission of making them pay for their betrayal.