Coop - Last Castle

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MMs: Please make sure the tanks you give to people have spare tracks (ACE cargo) and if not, use the ACE Logistics -> Add Spare Parts editor module (open it up, select spare track, sync it to the tank) to give tracks to them. The tank was out because of a damaged track (I believe) and no resupply or repair truck had one.

So I got shot and went unconscious, when I awoke I exclaimed ‘I need to stop getting fucking shot’…

Then the fireteam was blown up by a GRAD missile.

Negative they were asking for a spare but had not lost one but good to know for future missions with friendly tanks.

Very nice immersive experience. Thank you for the mission Dachi.

One of the best missions I played since I joined carpenoctem. I like these missions more then the regular objective missions. Everyone got alot of action, there was some hard calls that needed to be made (when do you retreat for example) and teamwork was key. I hope to see more of these in the near future! Good job [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user]

The mission was awesome! Tension was high at all times and it was very immersive, like when seeing A1 being whipped out 20m from A2.
We took heavy casualties but it was to be expected with such a high number of ennemies.
I thought Shakan did a good job as PLT even though he wasn’t expecting to endorse this role. Communication was great as well as general situation awareness. I always knew what we were supposed to do and where the danger was.
Thank you to the guys in yellow who did an amazing job, it was a real pleasure to be your FTL.

Thank​ you Dachi, I understand it was tough for you to manage the AI but it felt like the enemy was well coordinated and the attacks were tough to push back.

Well I died at 2101 so right in time to miss reinsertion. For what I played it was a very interesting and well played mission, the last defending one I remember ended up pretty badly because we had no time to retreat, instead yesterday I feel we actually had the chance to reposition and spread some fire on the russians.

Thanks Dachi!

Very lovely mission. Before going in to the mission I didn’t expect much because I felt the area had been over used, but somehow you made it feel fresh so thanks for that Dachi.

Frames were also way better than what I expected. It felt like you made a small amount of enemy units feel like a lot. I don’t know if that’s just me.

As far as I could understand GM acted as a commander giving information about enemy movement and mortar/missile strikes. I don’t know if this was correct, but I would much rather have the players find this information themselves with scout teams and so on. For me it works against the immersion when the GM is in contact with the players as we know that you are pulling the strings at the same time. That’s just a subjective point though.

Anyways thanks for a great mission Dachi, it was beautiful!

My point of view as the gunner of Axe A.K.A. Dagger:

Beware of cocky behaviour reinforced by scandalous luck. And remember to look left and right when you are crossing a forest while doing a retreat, you never know when you’ll slip over a banana peel.