Coop - Lakka

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Good stuff, I hope we can replay this mission with at least 1 infantry squad more as it would be real nice.

One quick point, MAT check your comms over long range I found you talking over other people and that makes it harder to understand what you’re asking. Otherwise very good stuff from everyone, we were a bit short staffed so I’m very happy we managed to clear the entire town.

Thanks for the mission Shiny!

Not a huge issue (was redeemed in the 2nd half of the op), but just a reminder to all platoon leaders that specialist elements are there to support & move in coordination with the main squad(s).

For example - a MMG set up on an elevated position covering Alpha as they clear buildings. Or MAT moving with Alpha (50/100m behind or to a side) to be always ready for an incoming armor threat.
On some terrains, like Takistan, it makes sense to separate these elements a bit more, so that MMG/MAT can cover a road leading to a village while the main squad clears it.

They are not there as a convenient 3-man team that can bring up supplies, go for abandoned vehicles, serve as PLT element bodyguard, or stay in a vehicle for half the mission because said vehicle has .50cal machinegun. Anytime something like that is needed, Alpha is just as capable of designating 2 soldiers to go do that job.

This is the same issue as one we’ve been discussing for years - should a squad/fireteam designate 2 people as driver/gunner to drive alongside the squad? … It can make sense from a firepower (.50cal) and supply (crates) point of view, but it can essentially ruin the experience for 2 players.
The old recommendation is to rotate people in the job, have some other 2 people do the work. It’s not a great solution, but it’s the best we got. Same as switching fireteams around when one has an obviously more boring job.

That is to say - use MMG/MAT as your vehicle crew occasionally, but don’t default to that thinking.

PS: Really wish we could get friendly AI drivers to bring up our vehicles when we leave them behind. We already have an unwritten rule of GMs not stealing/destroying them because we implicitly roleplay that an allied element is holding their position.