Coop - Krasnyy Tri-Dva

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This op got very hectic and brutal towards the end but overall was enjoyable.

Using artillery should always be carefully thought out since there usually isn’t anything we can do to stop it, it’s literally just dive for cover and hope for the best. Think we had a couple of instances where a lucky shell took out took out a lot of people. We can argue for hours about spacing and best practices while under artillery fire but in the heat of the moment you tend to just run for the closest cover and if thats a house that’s already got 5 guys in it you’re probably not going to run back out into the open to find a different spot (where its just as likely you’ll get hit on the way to a different bit of cover), you’re just going to hunker down in a corner and hope for the best. If that building just so happens to get hit with a shell then you’ve just lost half of Alpha… Not very fun for the people who die, who from their perspective did the right thing and found cover and puts additional stress on the survivors who have to make do with whoever is left. Not saying to not use Artillery but that MM’s should be very careful how and when its used

Really enjoyed the op.

I drew the short straw on the first artillery barrage, but I don’t mind how it was used this op. I guess the intent was for the artillery to have us move around the AO while defending the (large) port area so the mission wouldn’t get static, and in this it succeeded. For artillery to be perceived as a serious threat it has to be able to kill people - and while this might disadvantage some, I do think it can improve the quality of an op as a whole. The whole section from 22:00 until the end was pretty desperate with a lot of movement from artillery positions while we didn’t have enough medics to treat all wounded, which I loved.