Coop - Just Another Day

Please leave your feedback on the mission Just Another Day.

  • [list=1]
  • How were the loadouts?(incl weapons) Any issues?
  • Did you like the assets provided? (Vehicles)
  • Did combined arms improve the gameplay or detract from it?
  • Did you like the defensive stuff provided? (Mines, Static weapons, entrenching tools,etc)
  • Were they sufficent?
  • Did you like the enemy and its attack intensity?
  • What about enemies composition (enough of a mix between tanks, infantry, IFVs, APC)?
  • How was the AI?
  • How was the overall pacing for you? Were there alot of boring lulls?
  • Was the OPORD descriptive enough or would you have expected something more in there?
  • Was the landscpe interesting? Were the tools provided useful in the landscape?
  • Leaders, were the tactical aspects fun?
  • How did you like the mission idea overall?
  • What do you think made the mission good or bad experience for you?

Very short… The mission was simple and very funny to play! Not to much enemy’s but never to little. Like i said already yesterday, just some small details that build up suspense would improve the mission even more! Make us wait, make us feel threaten all the time and this will be a hell of a misson!