Coop: Just a normal Tuesday

Command @MrLaney,

Can you provide tactical map overlay? I’m interested in the patrol routes, QRF location, positions of last enemy activity, any kind of recon product.


This is the map of operations;

  • The base is bottom left which is where the everyone will be deployed from and also where the QRF team is situated.
  • There are 2 patrol routes. One marked in Blue & the other marked in Black. The green area of the map is territory that is dangerous but not as prone to attacks as the red zone. The red zone is territory that is likely to attack patrols and is rather dangerous.
  • The area you can see in the center right of the red zone is an enemy stronghold. They have build fortifications in this area of the city and if any patrols enter ‘their’ area they are likely to attack.
  • Due to the enemy forces in the city I am unable to provide recon as the enemy are likely to shoot down our drone which would endanger the lives of the cities civilian population.

Thanks for all the info.
The OPORD mentions 3 US Army vehicles to repair & retrieve if possible. Do we have any information as to their general location?

The 3 x US Army vehicles had to be abandoned along patrol routes due to failures or damage. These have since been repaired on-site by US mechanics and are ready to be picked up if deemed appropriate by the Platoon Leader.

Ok, thanks.

Black route with 1x MRAP (safer area, movement in vehicles at 40kph)

Blue route with 1x MRAP (danger area, movement in soft dismount once inside the red zone)

Platoon team and/or support element depending on numbers, inserted via littlebird
After dropping the QRF, littlebird stays in the air for observation of the enemy. Enemy stronghold is a no-fly zone.

Reaction to contact
A-Squad pushes through until they reach a safer location, dismounts & starts moving towards the contact location, isolates the enemy & clears the block.

B-Squad halts, secures an LZ for the QRF and maintains contact with the enemy to prepare its isolation.