Coop - Just a normal Tuesday

Please leave any feedback here! Hope you all enjoyed.

M72 LAW is useless. Change my mind

Fine, be it your way Dusty.


Highlights coming later this week.

My Poor truck ;-;

That firefight at the roadblock was a textbook find, fix, flank, finish. Too bad it was conducted against policemen.

I enjoyed the op and thought it was a great idea for us to be QRF for once instead of it hitting us in the sides. However as I stated to Laney later on teamspeak I think often the original force (first Alpha, later Bravo) had already dealt with most, if not all of the threat before the QRF arrived. As Bravo when we were QRF I didn’t fire a single bullet at enemy infantry (though we did take out the BMP with a picked up RPG as our M72 LAW didn’t do anything with a shot straight in the side ;). The only actual enemies I think Alpha shot as QRF were about the last 2 remaining guys which Bravo was actually fine with taking out themselves.
So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to overwhelm the patrolling force in an op like this and have them fall back inside a building or compound so QRF can actually come to the rescue, or otherwise stagger waves of enemies at the original force so there’s definitely some left when QRF arrives.

Contrary to Koffer, I rather liked not having to fight a whole platoon of enemies. It felt more in tune with the nature the mission which was to "pacify" harrassing insurgents in a city, not a full scale battle. The presence of BMPs/BTRs was even a bit much in my opinion.
Furthermore, in a scenario like this, answering agression with an overwhelming force (the QRF) seems appropriate to finish an engagement as fast as possible to prevent casualties in a city where there are so many angles to cover.

Have Fun!


They keep on getting longer

Shorter actualy :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one had 22 minutes