Coop: Jerry Strikes Again

Please add you stories or comments on the operation here!

Overall really good performance even though we took a bunch of casualties. However, looking at the number of enemies and considering this was all CQB, this is to be expected. Great communication within the Fire Teams and on Squad Net between Alpha and Dagger.

I am going to iterate a thing that Clarke said yesterday during debriefing: Please double check if an enemy on the floor is really dead or just unconscious. We took a couple of unnecessary casualties by not doing that. Rule of thumb: If an enemy is somewhat still holding his gun on the floor, put a couple of more bullets into him.

Also, we fought some pretty strong Russian men:


As the driver of the panda I had a good time driving it during the opp as I know it can be hard for the commander to make it somewhat enjoyable for the driver, since some opps require you stay in one spot for ages while others like this one makes use of multiple spots on the map to stay and provide cover for Alpha.

I think as dagger we provided sufficient coverage for Alpha even though certain sports on map only allowed certain buildings and enemy positions to be seen, when we got into the base we formed up on Alpha position and covered them as they entered the buildings, I did find it funny that we almost died to a friendly helicopter with reinforcements which took out the doom that was right next to us. The only other funny moment that happened during the CQB was when we took out a vehicle with greande launcher on it which took out all but, one of our wheels which some how made us still mobile.

I like to point out that we were hit by 3 RPGs and took no damage plus for some reason I didn’t hear us get hit by any of them only the mg and greande launcher are the only ones I heard hit us, in any case I had fun all through the opp and I like to thank Dusty for a wonderful opp.

Ps one like equals one less morlessted

I was actually remote controlling that guy, so he was subject to the script that prevents uncon players being shot to death whilst on the ground.