Coop - Jabuk's War

Please leave feed back on the mission what you liked what you didn’t like or just your stories and videos.

I loved it! Maybe because I really REALLY wanted to play some Arma since I haven’t done that for like 2 or 3 weeks but who cares?

It seems like this OP was made in 10 minutes(with history to it) and the idea how to play this mission in another 20 minutes. It was the most simple shooty bang bang type so noone cares right? But let’s go straight to the point.
It was a little bit hectic since the plan was literally just to go inside the town(and tbh initial planning with clearing the town from south to north didn’t even happen :smiley: ). I really liked the difficulty of the mission. We had like… what? 10 soldiers? Not much but just enough for this mission. It was basicly getting pinned down, dealing with it, moving 10 steps ahead and getting pinned down again, repeat. To add up to the difficulty we were so low on ammo all this time… Getting your hands on 2 fresh mags would mean sharing 1 of them with your teammate. It was really immersive to struggle with that. Wouldn’t like to see that on a big scale OP tho’… This shit would be just straight annoying there. Again, I like how it stayed intense(except for that lull where we were waiting for people from reinsert) to the end. I liked that 2nd zeus was able to keep EI’s less retarded than usual so they were properly pinning us down(remember that guy with binocs trying to peak to figure out where is the guy? That was me… good 20 minutes there, suppressed by Dachi…) and it was also very immersive and fun to experience.

About the teams ‘n’ stuff, I didn’t like that after we lost ASL and someone from A1 was supposed to act as ASL. They didn’t really… moreover they started doing their own thing without any communication and that was really annoying. It didn’t last for long nor there was a lot of action then but still…

Lastly, as the FTL of Alpha 2 I gotta say we were fucking badass! If you don’t count the last minute of the OP when I died to the last, single guy on the map because I breached a building with empty mag and that zcribe died by my high stack cus’ he pressed wrong button and then he got shot by A1(but respawned on himself after those 2) then… No casualties! If we really cut the shit out from this stroy, I was the only one to die… It felt like we are very effective and the fact "we" survived the final assault is… at least impressive.

If there are any Alpha 2-ers reading that, tell me what you think about my leading. My brain was barely working and I found out that I have throat cancer(jk) and… I wouldn’t say that I did good but it seems it wasn’t that bad after all. Although zcribe’s "good job tropical" sounded like mercy talk :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m sorry if it wasn’t but I really think otherwise)

P.S videos coming soonish

Very fun, very hectic mission.

It’s a shame, and also kind of cool that we did lose the chopper so early on, which prevented us from resupplying. If we had been able to get it up and running again, that would have been extra cool, but not everything is an action movie.

I’ll say of my own leadership that I may have been playing it a bit too loosely with the actual orders, perhaps leaving the FTLs a bit directionless at times, and that I certainly put myself in harm’s way too much, which got me killed a couple of times (though the respawn bug saved me near the beginning).

As Dachi always says, no plan survives first contact, and we encountered first contact much earlier than expected (I thought we’d get to the city first, based on the map info), but I thought that overall we did great. We did a good job of unsticking ourselves from shitty situations, and making use of what little ammo we had.

Grats to all.

Also, wtf was up with that bus at the end? Testing us on our PIDs, GMs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mission was much better than expected. I was really on the fence about joining on it since OPORD was supposed to be "funny". Please in future avoid creating one or just make it more informative because it does give off a wrong vibe if it contains little useful information. GM-s did a good job and made it a fun experience.

I would say Tropical did a good job. Casualties were minimal (other than blue-on-blue incidents) whilst other teams were dropping like flies. Intensity of urban combat might’ve made it hard to focus on specific points of leadership but overall things got done with low casualties. That is what ultimately matters.

I would like to express some concern over this overall attitude of "No plan survives first contact" thus no real plan has to be made (Not only in this mission). That is not really the point on the quote. Seperate saying is that "If you have a plan, then the plan will go to shit. If you don’t have a plan everything goes to shit." Planning is there to consider the moments of "what if". So when they become more than "what if" people know what to do. Little planning is doable in smaller well trained units who are used to dealing with the "what ifs" without being expressly told to. We as hobby community are not on that level due to various reasons. Progress in the mission was mostly held back by this.

The "what if" SL goes down. Once SL was popped taking over the leadership took time consistently and the units did not actually know what to do next because the plan of attack was in SL-s head. Only plan discussed so far was just entering the city and moving down a specific street. After the completion of it units started acting pretty much by themselves. Alpha 1 at some stage started acting wholey independetly of Alpha 2 in a zone that Alpha 2 was covering (without notification). Blu-For markers and proper PID was all that saved them from blue-on-blue. So actually planning out a general idea of how SL achieves the goal of "controlling the island" would’ve made it clear. FTL-s would just continue with the plan and adapting to it or know that there needs to be a change and will inform eachother. One of the simple things that also could help is just reminding the FT 1 leader that when "SL is down" comes over comms they know they will have to lead. That means they have to consistently pay attention to SL and understand what the bigger picture is. Shortens the lag between taking command.

The "what if" of helicopter being shot down
. It would’ve been "ok" if its only purpose had been to scout and suppress the enemy with its weapons but the most important thing about it was resupply. Our current loadouts carry ridicoulously large amounts of ammo so resupply isn’t often given much thought on most missions. It became a large issue though after our main supply link was cut and ammo kept running low. Possible solutions could’ve been to pre-drop ammo crates considering it is a small island. Load boats full of ammo and then organize people to retrieve the ammo (smth like this seemed to be considered). The reinserts could drop all the less than essential stuff (smokes,etc) ram as much ammo as possible into inventory and then redistribute the gear.

These are few points I wanted to bring out so performance could be possibly improved in the future.

PS: Could we stop assaulting places with armoured units with only LAT?

I survived the whole mission. Very hectic, ran out of AR belts by time we’d cleared the first half of the town, had to switch to a pkm because the ammo was more available. Got injured a lot. But usually outside of my control, random shrapnel, grenades and friendly fire.

No offense tropical, but there was a lot you missed on the radio, cas reports etc. And you kinda deserved to be shot clearing a building with an empty magazine. ( check ammo ctrl+r ) Otherwise good job.

Blue on blue was too prevailant last night, radio coms were as clear as could be and map markers were accurate but Alpha 1 really dropped the ball. They shot zcribe twice, in the sector we were clearing parallel to them. Killed him outright twice I think but he respawned on his corpse because of the bug. I got permission from FTL and called out on the radio I was running to get ammo from the dead enemies to the east dead enemies to support my squad with the PKM, and said I was running back now, and I think someone even confirmed eyes on me, but I got shot by a member of alpha 1. I went unconcious, when I came to I radioed again and said I was "under fire from the north" And then they shot me again before I could say "possible blue on blue". I came to again as they were running over to me and said "Please help me, i’m being shot by friendlies" or something and they finally got the memo.

I’m considering going to suggest that all members of the fireteam have on their possession at least 1 green smoke in future the next time we change the loadouts. Would have helped me a lot. Didn’t have any smokes left, would have kept the green one for emmergency blue on blue.

Despite the lack of logisitcs and lack of air support, scavenging and surviving waves of enemies was really fun. The double gming is working really well and reflects in the quality of gameplay. Its especially satisfying when you survive to the end in an intense situation.

I definitely agree with your point on planning, Zcribe. In hindsight, I hadn’t really considered a back-up plan, for when the initial plan inevitably went to shit, and had just tried to rely on my own ability to come up with something on the fly. While this might sometimes be enough, it certainly won’t be if the SL goes down, leaving whoever steps up to take command of the squad without any real clue of what to do next, which obviously did happen in this case.

Consider it a learning experience, I suppose. This was my first mission being at the top of the chain of command, so feedback like this is actually very helpful. Cheers!

EDIT: Also, yeah, we did try to load the boats with ammo crates, but they didn’t have enough cargo capacity for even the small crates, unfortunately.

Well ofc I deserved to die… Breaching a building with empty gun is not something you can get away with. I loaded a new mag few minutes ago and it didn’t have much bullets I guess. I shot just the right amount of bullets to the enemy and didn’t hear the click so I didn’t even think about using the ctrl r thingy. I guess I just have to pay more attention to comms. I’m usually focused of what’s happening around me and my brainz just seem to ignore some of the comms :stuck_out_tongue: Good thing that zcribe was basicly always next to me and reminded me of answering. Wasn’t rly planning on becoming FTL but I didn’t want to make a scene :stuck_out_tongue:

About the planning, The 1st plan was extremely simple due to size of the town. 2 teams go in from south, go on parallel roads and move north and then on nothern side of road to the coast. When we lost SL and we stood in one place for ages Alpha 1 started doing their own thing and I didn’t know if I should help them or try to follow the plan. In the end Alpha 2 did exactly what was planned so… I guess not everything went to shit.