Coop - Ingress Prime

Hello, please leave feedback about the mission!

Very good mission, though marred by serious fps issues due to map used and the creative mission scenery that tanked fps.

A brilliantly made mission tonight. I managed to get home from work 3 mins before the operation began and took a dive into my first platoon lead op! Now props to those who platoon lead often… that shit is hard lol. I’ve had a good eye opener to platoon leading, planning and directing squads tonight, which hopefully i’ll get better in time (probably a lot of time :LOL: )

I was ridiculously nervous tonight and I know I made a lot of mistakes which I apologise for, an example being spending 10 minutes trying to find a pissing ammo crate :oops: and also not organizing the yellow and red teams separate and giving them objectives to go around working together…my bad!.

I really did enjoy the psychological edge to the mission as I was under constant pressure to keep moving through objectives even when faced with 100’s of hostiles & being 65 minutes late to an objective. I really enjoyed communicating with all the guys around me as I was trying to make the environment a pleasant one to try and balance out my awful leadership.

Big thank you to all the guys who helped me and saved me a bunch of times! As soon as we upped the game and got ourselves a Bradley I realised we had turned into a killing machine and the guys in control of the IFV we’re top notch tonight well done!. I’m sad that the Bradley got destroyed but we done our best, also loved the fact it blew up as I shouted "yeet" that’s karma. :LOL:

Thank you, Pappy & Demzee for Zuesing tonight, we all really appreciate the effort you put into the operation and we really enjoyed the challenges you put us up against.

(P.S. You guys rock :cool: )

Very fun mission, really felt like a large scale assault of the city and that we were just a part of it thanks to the effort of the Zeus’ and the mission designers.

We started off slowly but once we adapted to the mission style we started operating more effectively.
The Bradley was a lot of fun, even though our commander kept sticking his head out the window like a dog and got shot haha. The infantry screen worked really well to keep us safe, right up until we tried to load everyone in and move to the next objective. In this moment of weakness the enemy took their chance to hit us right where it hurt.

Thanks again to the Zeus’ and to MrLaney for stepping up and leading.

First of all I want to apologise for having to leave before the mission was over but I had to get up quite early today and so I called it at 2300.

I really enjoyed the mission, I already expected that we would never make the deadline of 20min per objective but it was a nice point to strive for regardless of that.

I’m not used to being a medic but I actually quite enjoyed it. I’m sorry for all of the guys who died while I was supposed to keep them alive. All in all being a medic is really intense and thrilling. When the vehicle from which you are dragging a guy away just goes up in flames right in front of you, you get a real rush.

MrLaney (19695464) did a good job considering it was his first time stepping up to plate as PLT-lead and I hope he will take up challenge again in the future!

As a closing point I would to say that while I was a medic we never ran out of blood and we usually had more than 10liters worth of blood with us. (Beat that [user avatar=“” name=“Shails”]13750996[/user] )

I found the mission to be quite fun and intense which is good thing, I think the recruits did an excellent job working together with us as it was there first and second mission with our group. There was MrLaney who platoon lead for the first time who i think did a wonderful job in leading us through a hard mission with lots of stuff going on at once and that yeet with the Bradly made me laugh couldn’t of been more perfect in timing :thumb: .

For me I enjoyed the mission as a whole even when i died at the beginning due to a lucky grenade shot which made me watch the action from viscom, I even enjoyed leading a bit for yellow I know it was only brief but i think i got a bit of taste of it but, for me the three most enjoyable parts of the opp was when Midnight ran over a squad of enemy troops and me in the second vehicle with the 50cal shooting the survivors as we drove past to get into cover. Then there was the part where i believe a T-72 tank came to kill us all and just running around the building to take cover while trying to get Clark out of danger. last of all there was the part where we got a Bradly which i loved being the gunner using its 25mm bushwhacker cannon on the infantry and the enemy BTR, tip never using a tow at close range does not work :LOL: but, the last guy with the RPG got us in the end "yeet".

Last of all i would like to thank Pappy and Demzee for zeusing with out hem working together the opp wouldn’t of been as fun and enjoyably as it was :thumb:

Nice mission !

I did like the frienly AI units around - it felt like being part of some bigger operation. The helicopters and armour was greate. Thumb up for this.

I appreciated a lot the reinforcement timing - ussually after mass cas.ualities happened. Is nothing worse than be KIA and stand on base. Especially in lower numbers, the shortened reinforcement time, helped us to stay operational and even allowed Zeus to let us experience new things like mass cas in vehicles and let us (or me) really being affraid of getting hit by car blast, RPG or bullets. I stopped having the feeling - GM want let us stay alive :thumb: Ppl try harder when those mass cas are possible in ops instead being avoided. (close HE tank shells, ARs close shrapnels by mortars, heli rockets… when blast does not kill you bet the shrapnells can - so you Have to take cover or lethal danger to be KIA)

There is the thing in our ops - we have 1h reinforcements system - on the other hand we know Zeus will not eliminate us by tanks, or missiles or helicopters - so we tend to play unsafe against those.

Could be interesting to "danger up" the ops with some unsure "mass cas" reinforcement being up to Zeus. "Zeus wild card" for special occasions (to give him the possibility to spice things up).

Those "spicing things up" together with "Zeus wild card" would need some community and StSg discussion. Im just throwing idea here to bring something different/new/challanging/difficult to our ops. (us I have feeling like we sometimes forget the tanks has HE shells and are really dangerous and for GMs it s problematic to use them as he does not want wipe us out bc the 1h system and making ppl unhappy to sit on base)

Overall great mission, really cool staff happening around, affraid for survival and nice to have the Bradleys after looong time :slight_smile:

FPS - had 40-60 in city outside 60 Vsync. (I-4790K, GTX 1080, UHD 3840*2160) What I do is - Im able to change my settings accordingly during mission - Arma3 FPS guides are on youtube and while on public server it s possible to play test it.
(maybe FPS guide could be added to the Ace modules we use for every op so it make things easy for everybody and recruits)

(what I sometime experience is CPU one core on 50% and GPU on 45% - I believe it s probably the moment when the Engine of Arma is overloaded and can not process the counting. So the PC stop being the limitation but the engine starts(?))

If the home PC is limited and FPS go down - effective view distance only, no grass (10fps HD, 25 UHD), AO disable (10-25fps), FSAA 2x (10+fps). If those things does not help it s the engine or some bottleneck I did not found till now) SSD can help too.
No logs in launcher parameters can help too (reportedly)
PIP - picture in picture (mirrors) does 1 fps on HD but 10 on UHD creen.

[user avatar=“” name=“Mother”]18447842[/user] I’m unsure what you mean by mas cas and mas cas reinforcements together with "zeus wildcard".

To me mass casualty means a large amount of wounded, to the degree where there’s less than one treater per wounded (I think that is the rule), requiring systematic categorization (triaging) before treatment.

It’s funny that you have the "same" CPU as me, and I have even the TI version of your GPU, yet I think you have quite better FPS than me, despite using much bigger resolution. 4,7 times bigger. I’m using (1608x1050). But then again, you’re probably better with computers than me. Have you overclocked your CPU or GPU for ArmA3? - If so; will you share your settings? I’ve had ArmA3 crashes by even increasing GPU core/memory clock by just 100-200 MHz

Mass cas - I tought it means lost of lifes. Yep, I see it on wikipedia it s actually how you said. The casualty means injured too - I tought it s just english word for death in combat. My bad ! Thank you for clearing it out !

Danger up and Zeus wild card:
The point was - I personally feel like - we get careless, if we know about MBT, MAV’s… above 400m and we act like it s not there, becouse we know it s "blind" AI and thus will not engage. (same with attack helicopters with IR or thermal vision) - becouse it actually never engage on longer distances (300 meters and up). (some supressive fire or close calls by HE shells are actually cool thing - which force us to play more realistically) So, if it does not kill us - It should at least supress as for some time (ammo count).

By mass cas - I meant that Zeus should have the possibility to wipe us, eliminate us (feeling/calibration for knowing when to wipe out and when not needed) - if we deserve it - without ppl being "death" and stuck at base - the Zeus wild card.

A) enemy Bradlay on OW with IR/Thermals 1000 m away (Should be mission FPS wise and stated in OPORD/Briefing we should have higher View Distance settings for this one mission so everybody set it).
B) we drive on road with BMP and even When Bradlay can engage target on at least 1500m we do not get under fire at all - thats what Im talking about - at least we need to get shots around - and if not - elimination to learn the lesson. (the Zeus actually have to take the gunner seat for moment to supress us and maybe prohibit fire to the group if needed)
C) I would not like to stay on base bc somebody was careless and 10 ppl in BMP died - that is where I would give the "Zeus wild card" to offset the "veteran" mission conditions / active agressive engagements by enemy forces.
D) we will stop ignoring tanks and helicopters like they are not threat at all. The mission will have added danger ("harsh threatment" that will be offseted with "Zeus wild card" (which allow him to kick our ass when we suck - without being affraid of reaction later at debriefing)
E) It will lead to realism, better combat discipline and the feeling that Zeus want let us alive will fade away.

I mean the mission is not about easy killing but about challange - if we can make it or not. Zeus is not just our HQ but the HQ of enemy too and the enemy can play smart too by moving units well based on what the enemy can see or would do in realistic battlefield (that is why it s better to place everything on map before mission start - in the case there are not disconnection problems - which later prevent the Zeus to actually use the units as the are bugged - sometimes, and it is very stressfull). And even enemy should be well organized by Zeus. (I do speak only about general zeusing here not about anybody).

(I feel like the missions went over one year from engagements on 300 meters and more to 300 meters under).

So, the what I would like to see is:

  • (limited) engagements by armour, helicopters on longer distances (and danger close shrapnells by mortars, jets runs) //to force us being disciplined, taking cover well, being realistic on engagement distances
  • to offset those more danger situations and deaths by not being aware enough - I would give the Zeus the power to call out reinforcement under his terms
  • If Zeus can call out reinforcements - maybe he can create his mission more dangerous - or according the mission nature/purpose/dynamic…
  • more danger around means to be more disciplined (less danger means less discipline)
  • Zeus should not be affraid to flank us and eliminate us But we should not be too on base waiting max one hour for respawn (I mean the respawn system actually somehow limits the MM and Zeus to do dynamic situational angegements as ppl later will be not happy that they were 40 minutes on base) //I have the understanding that 1h respawn system force ppl not being naive and risk - but it limits too the MM and GMs//
  • The lower numbers we have - the more we need those on base

I would give the power to Zeus, call the reinforcements or not.

(I do not have idea if I do understand PCs - I can be only lucky - as every pc is different when not in hardware so in software)
I do overclock sometimes just by Intel XTU (from some reason it is reseting after restart and I forget go to bios to set it right again untill one day it stop reseting from unknown reason…).

Thing which gives me + fps is Switch Off the Steam Overlay ! For FPS measurement I use Fraps - there I do not see any problem with FPS going down (or up reported by few Steam users).
Steam - shader pre-catching - I have this off and believe it gave me better fps too.

fps counter instead the steam overlay forced one:

DRAM - I have old DDR Kingson-hyperx-8gb-ddr3-1600mhz-cl10-fury-black-series, 2x8gb. I actually was able to overclock it from 1600 to 2000mhz. IF i go on 2200mhz PC refuse to start up and restarts/resets this thing.
I have to say that this particular DDR support some XMP utility in bios which allows to overclock them. And the stick was stated bo be able to be overclocked. 4-5 years old Motherboard (2014) is for overclocking too, intel chipset Z97 by MSI.
From XTU benchmark 960 I went just by this to 1055 (max ever 1068), so it s about 10%.

I actually believe that new better DRAM could help me to run Arma better but - I would have to go for new Motherboard and maybe even new CPU (I have only problem with Arma) and it s not worth it right now.

If you run on (1608x1050) screen. You should have much better FPS (at least 60-70% more) than me. Unless you hit the engine limitation.

  • Some client mods can lower fps (sound, efects…)
  • Maybe operational system can make difference too (win 8.1 in my case)
  • Drivers - I experienced problems with Intel ME driver with combination with steam - It shut down my SSD disk with some failure and deniend access to the SSD, if I forgot close steam before pc switch off or restart. Sometimes it was death of windows/SSD failure to boot and only reinstallation helped. (lost like this 600 arma screens :cry: made in 6-9 months)
    Point is - it can be some driver like this one which mess the pc up. (Never will instal the (old CD) driver again).
  • virus
  • anti-virus (can couse lowered fps)
  • some "free software" can eat CPU and make problems to system

Positive Things

  • hyperthreading - on
  • no logs - on
  • huge pages - on
  • allow analytics - off
  • Steam overlay and pre-shader catching - off

I did run MSI afterburner (MSI motherboard) - and was monitoring how my PC work - to try to find out my botleneck.

So, generally it s about monitoring and testing what helps you have the better FPS. Optimalization.

GPU - I have just some basic OC preset to 1800 mhz from 1760. It s just by the basic software which was on CD. I actually did not play with it. But it has the possibility. Aorus Engine by Gigabyte. I could quite a try it and see what it will does with GPU temperature… but it can lower the life span of the card…

Ok, I understand what you mean with zeus wildcard and all that around it. I agree. If we are up against any kind of fighting vehicle; that vehicle should portray its real threat including all its ammo types and ranges. But in my book, enemy INF could be more dangerous too. Not because I think I or the community in general are too good, but because I prefer less tasks, but harder. I guess that Zeus chosen respawn you propose is ok, but no more than that. I think the limited respawn is important.

Turns out we both have a MSI Z97 motherboard too. Even more reason to use your settings.
I didn’t realize that steam overlay was a FPS killer. I guess I can sacrifice that during CNTO ops. I got Geforce overlay though, so I don’t need fraps for FPS. The way I see it: GeForce overlay and Shadowplay is paid software (through my hardware) and developed alongside my hardware, without watermarks and adds and with minimal performance impact during recording.
I already have "MSI(R) Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility", but I never really dared to use it. The warning I get is reasonable. I don’t know what I’m doing, and although I get a better score or FPS while increasing stuff, I may start damaging components that I don’t know about before it is too late. There’s no score to tell when the damage starts. Isn’t that the entire point of finding the right spot? Otherwise I’d set the CPU to 8 GHz, get a great score and have a super computer for a day… So I don’t see how I can do trial and error, when the error I’m concerned about is not shown to me.
That’s why I try to get values from someone with a similar system that has used them for a long time.
On the other hand I use OC Genie: An overclocking AI, that I believe should be able to do it better than I ever could (but maybe a tad to much to the safe side), with a single setting: on/off. . It increases my ITX score from 843 -> 981 16%. Still quite lower than your 1059.

I think I’ll edit my RAM frequency to 1900 MHz from 1600 MHz, having still a safe distance to 2200 MHz where your system stopped working.
Thanks for the parameters. I’ve adopted:

  • hyperthreading - on
  • no logs - on
  • huge pages - on
    Do you recommend adding ‘core count = 4’, or would that be a problem because my CPU has "8 logical cores". Which is it; physical or logical?
    Oh and thank you mother :slight_smile:

Im surprised with the 843. In the worst case I had 945 without any overclock. I have Guard-pro MB you have Gaming which should be the same or better.

OC genie - actually do not have it on for years, just the XMP is on.

I believe if you switch from the 1600 to 1897 or 2000 it will give you +10% points, if it will work. (± 1050)

Tried to OC CPU today from 4,4 to 4,7 and got gain only to 1098 from 1059. Not worthy a lot. (cache 4,2) Max 79 degrees, CPU voltage max about 1.255 - adaptive. (1.3 is dangerous - at least what I know - less is better)

"core count" - I believe that it s just the same as hyperthreading and I do not use it. I had no feeling it helped make Arma run better. (It was stated somewhere that Arma can use the cores independently for some terrain angles, ?, ?. The fourth core is not used (?) - but I do not see any difference when I monitor my CPU cores if I have the "core count" on or off.) but this info could be some nonsense too, can not verify it. (The problem probably is that Arma is not able use CPU like CS:GO can - it s the program problem - I never saw any proof/picture/claim using CPU on 100% with Arma).

In Navidia panel - physX - I have instead of auto Geforce gtx 1080.

In windows Is power saving mode - you can choice between power - saving mode, optimized and performance. I have there the performance.

Task manager - details - it s possible to prioritize Arma 3 in tasks. (did not see any difference in FPS)

The Dram - I run 2000hz on 1,5v but used 1,6 too. (About 1 and 1/2 year yet). If it crashes it can be about the voltage or incompatibility.

Generally - If 10 things add 1 FPS it s 10 FPS better at the end, which yet helps over all.

I would check if some program is not really abusing the CPU somehow. Maybe the RAM does the difference.

Not every CPU can make it over 4.4 - it depends how lucky you are with the particular CPU. I crashed at 4.8 - either bc power or the CPU quality but could run 4.8, 4.8, 4,8, 4.4 on fourth core. It would crash if you get there too much, like the 8.0. Heat is the danger. Arma can not use full CPU but CS:GO can and it heats the CPU (300 fps is so as so useless for me) more than any aplication I ever used on this pc (would not go OC on CS:GO).

Delta, if you want, I can show you the ropes of overclocking, since I see a lot of potentially damaging information in the topic. Overclocking isn’t to be taken lightly and isn’t dangerous, but the way it’s approached here is not exactly safe.

Mother, you can limit fps in CSGO to not go above 240(which is what the pros use). Also, if your CPU is heating up on CSGO, something is seriously fucked.

Ok, I will look for the FPS limiter in CS:GO, I did not know about that. :thumb:

Yep, it heats up on 76-86 degrees (I have to say it was in summer with 39-44* in the tower case itself - so I letted the case opened, it littlebit helped), which Im not comfortable with (79* is comfort zone for me). (I have now, even with the OC 4.7, with Arma 50-65*max). Im planning to use the OC 4,7 for Arma.

I hope I have "open head" enough, so if something is wrong, just say it. (have the CPU 3-4 years, so no warranty…)