Coop: Industrialization

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.

THE FOG: The fog was the best part about the mission and I’d be sad to see people stray away from using fog in missions because people complained. YES! Combined with the scopes, it was REALLY hard to shoot. With normal scopes, I believe it would have gone a lot better and the fog would be welcomed too :D.

Now on to the enemies. I think those BMP’s were OK, but I would have prevented them from using the rockets. They were basically sniping out Dagger vehicle from 1K away through fog.

Apart from that, the mission was really good. Combined arms, heli spotting, boats as patrols, enemies everywhere!

When it is done doing the Youtube stuff.



Hahahahah bunching up at it’s finest.

"Get your AT out Racoon!" - Famous last words before the whole fireteam got wiped out in a blaze of glory.

Really fun mission though. Good job Zscribe. It was really hard to shoot anything like mentioned in the debrief, but the setting was quite cool none the less. Looking back at this though, I think the best thing to learn is never to bunch up with multiple fireteams in one building, when it comes to close quarter combat, especially if sight is this minimum.

The fog + rain was amazing. Immersion was guaranteed from the beginning ! It is not the type of weather we usually play with but it felt really nice. I must admit that it was almost impossible to aim at something specific with the scope, but since we were mostly fighting in CQB not aiming at all was working quite well too. We had to focus and always be on our guard, making sure the silhouette we want to shoot at is actually hostile, felt good man.

I must say there was few friendly fire incident compared to what I expected in this weather. I think this is because communication within the fireteam was really good. Can’t say the same for the overall movement though, we really could use CQB training, sometimes we would sit in one place not knowing what to do or we only had some guidelines instead of actual orders. There were also many buildings left unchecked that later slowed us down a lot and caused some unneeded casualties. We could work on map markers for this. (Also there were many buildings we couldn’t enter so placing dots before clearing them was misleading, I think placing dots on already cleard buildings would be better).

Overall difficult and immersive mission, loved it, great job Zjosua !

I did not enjoy this event for several reasons. First off, the weather. I see some guys liked it, I personally hated it. Spending three hours staring into almost completely white screen trying to see something was not pleasant at all. That was especially true when we were supposed to cover our sectors which meant not moving for a while and just staring into the white. Eyes were hurting.

In my opinion, we spawned way too far from the objective. Which was absolutely OK in previous events since we took vehicles to get closer to AO, but yesterday we spent a good hour before reaching the town. Twenty of minutes or so of briefing, the rest was spent just walking. Couple that with horrible weather conditions and I had a good hour of not having fun. Again, my personal preference.

Communication with Dagger was good for the most part, except when they were placed on the main road and we came to reinforce them. They notified us that they were engaging enemy in some houses, and just two minutes after that my team went to occupy that same houses, without Dagger being informed. That, coupled with lousy visibility meant friendly fire. Seb was killed, Henrik injured.

Moving into town, there was some trouble with comms, but that was was due to the sheer amount of traffic that leaders had on short and long radios and confusion that followed that. That meant not being able to get your leader on short when you had some questions.

I had some strange issue with models not showing ingame. I could see everyone, at least I think I saw everyone, except for Dvdesa. His model was just not shown for me. He only had that blue thingy that marked him as my teammate floating in mid air. Took me a while to figure out he was even there. It fixed itself after I respawned. Will attach photos.

All in all, not fun evening for me. Technical issues, comms, horrible conditions, and some mistakes with my computer on my end after which I had to reconnect and wait half an hour for re-insertion made me very frustrated. Near the end of event I even got kicked by BattleEye. So I had to reconnect. Only to be kicked again, after which I just gave up.

Hope I don’t step on any toes with this, not my intent to piss off anyone. I loved all the events until now and I’m sure I’ll enjoy events to come. This one, though, would not repeat.

Mission was awesome. Setting was brilliant and I liked the fog. It may have been a little bit too strong fog as zrcibe said on debrief but I liked it nonetheless. Can’t say anything bad besides guns. Guns themselves were awesome… I really liked them - strong, full auto was easy(at least for me) but the sights combined with this strong fog… ugh… you see a guy, aim down sights, and you loose him. Even in CQB I had serious issues to actually aim at enemies. In games closed sights are shit and adding fog to that was bad idea. And for god’s sake, I didn’t want to whine at debrief but please don’t confuse iron sights with scopes. It’s just super silly when you call iron sights "the default scopes"

Planning was bad for BIVIO team as someone showed me after I died(FINALLY! It’s been long time since I was killed last time). WE chose horrible approach through open field but there was fog and plans were made on the go so not a big deal. Then BIVIO started going into the town but didn’t clear all the buildings, then you went back and yet you still left 1 warehouse untouched and we had to clear it when 3 of us were falling back to wait for reinforces.

I just want to say(to missions makers) that we shouldn’t go away from ideas like fog, night(no NV) or anything that makes it harder. Variety is always good. How long can we play on sunny days? I will admit that fog was extremely annoying due to our sights because aiming wouldn’t be so hard without the fog but if we had AKs(the ones without the rail on top) that setting would be perfect. I don’t want to offend anyone but it seems that some people just get annoyed and uninterested with things that make gameplay harder like no NV night OPs. The one I played, with you guys was perfect and people complained that it was hard to aim… Well du-uh It’s night, ofc it is harder but it wasn’t nearly as hard as this OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with most of what was already said. It is possible to play well in difficult circumstances but there will be a penalty in terms of everything being amplified in difficulty. If you already have to deal with busy comms then coordination is even harder in fog. If you already have to deal with a difficult to use vehicle then fog will make it much harder. On the other hand you may be able to deal with the fog or whatever if you do not have other concerns.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in feedback or post game discussion was the reinsertion which seemed a bit chaotic. We seem to be no longer saying when reinsertions should happen on event descriptions or saying on the start of the op. I think it was left to coordination between leadership and GM with poor Nightbird being responsible and people chaotically not deferring to either Nightbird or who ever what the senor person at base at that moment. In the end it was taking so long that squad leads at base took over (including me) and made a fast but bad job of it. Next time I suggest a prearranged time and communications between most senior person in base and either GM or command telling reinforcement when to go, what to use and where to dismount.

In the past when it is not clear the GM has contacted people at base to organise everything.

Good mission overall from my bird’s eye perspective… I do have a couple of pointers though.

  1. It seems to me that we are still struggling with, if not deteriorating at, are standart operating procedures… And this is basic stuff such as spacing, clearing, awareness and especially Target ID… There was a lot of confusion during the mission and as soon as a squad leader or team leader goes down, there is chaos until someone realizes they need to take command.

What we need is to train these procedures more… There need to be established second and third in command of a squad, so that everyone always knows who should be in charge or who should take charge once the leader goes down. In this last op i think i overheard a recruit take command of a squad while there were still grunts and reservists alive in that squad. Now this doesn’t mean the recruit didn’t know what was going on, I don’t even remember who it was, but surely it should be grunts that step up, then reservists and if only recruits are left alive then one of them takes charge.

  1. Just as a point of interest, THIS is the BTR i kept yammering on about… Both alpha and bravo passed like 50 meters around it from each side and I was only expecting when it was gonna open fire and kill 3/4 of A+B… To my amazement that didnt happen and the BTR was inactive till the end of the mission.

  2. The weather… Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to… I would like many more operations to be in sunny/clear/pleasant weather… This fog/rain kills my FPS and IMO is rather an eyesore…

That’s it from me o>

I believe that BTR was knocked out when we were conducting that maneuver. I got lost in that moment and passed right next to it.

Stranger things.