Coop: Humanitarian Aid

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As said during debriefing this was one of the best missions I played in a long time. And I believe it’s due to the fact that its simplicity allowed us to keep our tactics up to the best levels. I played as ALPHA 2 FTL and the squad as a whole performed really well, again perhaps because there were fewer enemies than usual but the conditions made it harder for us to take them down (Karl The Fog, good fella).

The convoy organization had some issues, it took us ages to report all vehicles ready and mounted up and someone mentioned the issue of switching from radio comms on 343 channel 1 back to their short range channel all the times, we may need to address these issues in the next convoy training. All in all it was fun to do soft-dismounts and halt for IEDs disarming while keeping security / engaging contacts. One note on the IEDs is that they were sensibly placed, with some destroyed vehicles to form a barricade, and that does make a difference in spotting them when you’re travelling 50 km/h. So that was fun too, stopping, taking engineers to the front, disarming them and mounting back up. But yeah, when done properly convoys are a good source of fun.

Regarding Karl the Fog, I didn’t like at first as enemies could see through it but looking back at it it was good at creating the tension needed for my personal enjoyment so that’s another green check I’d like to see more (environment conditions in general). Just make it fair and blind enemies too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for the mission and for hosting it on your end Shiny, I had a very good time, ALPHA 2 10/10 the best fireteam in the mission :smiley: Very well played from all my mates.