Coop - Hostage Situation

Map: Altis
Time: 1400
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user]

One of the Journalists that was working with us to spy on the rebels has been captured. It’s our job to get him back. But the rebels want to move him back to their base so we are on a timer.


I Situation:

The rebels have captured a journalist in the city. We are called in to rescue him.
But we are on a time limit. We have intel that the rebels will be transporting him soon. So if we are not quick he will be gone before we get there.
If you die, guard the base. Make sure the people in the field can get back safe.

Friendly Forces:

[*] Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations.


[indent][list][*] None

Enemy Forces:

[*] African Rebels.


[*] City has been cleared.

II Mission:

It’s the CNTO’s task to rescue the Journalist and get him back to base safe. We are on a timer since the rebels want to move him.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Get the Journalist back to base before the time runs out.

IV Administration / Logistics:


[] At predesignated times, the people in base are allowed to move out of the base and into the AO. But they are free to support the people in the AO from the walls of the base.
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.[/list][/indent]

Hostage :

Map :

Given that there’s not that many ways out of kavala, how do we feel about a roadblock/ambush as part of the plan, or even just as a backup strategy?

Back-up is probably best. Given CNTO’s record of keeping hostages alive I’d rather not have to shoot the wheels off of a vehicle or hit just the tracks of a vehicle to keep a guy alive.