Coop - Hostage Situation

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Good Performance
Good amount of enemy

Barricade was confusing

CQB and Communication was not top but ok and i had a fun time!

Right off the bat, I’ll confess I was the trigger happy jerk firing at the hostage building, I’m probably the one who injured him too. I was too confident in my gun’s accuracy.
Lesson learned.

Difficult mission, good 2nd reinsertion teamplay, first I’d say "bad". We need more CQB practice as we still don’t know how to do it by the book and we end up moving around pretty randomly. I didn’t mind obstacles.

The teamplay was indeed good during that second reinsert. Things got a little sideways once the T34 showed up though.
The covering & moving tactics we used should be automatic and I am sure every one knows how to do them. It just requires clear & efficient communication and situation awareness in order to have 1 person covering 1 line of fire thus maintaining 360. The team leader has a very important role in these situations to initiate proper movement and keep the budy teams coordinated which is what Dulabu did & it functionned very well.

I enjoy urban combat in general so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it in missions & it would give us a chance to practice all of this more often.

Thanks you Shiny for putting the mission together and thank you for using Altis! I was worried about the potential for fps drops but I had no problem whatsoever.

Due to Bohemia’s updates timing I missed the first insertion but luckily Shiny’s been merciful with reinforcements. There’s a lot to say so let’s get rolling.

Shakan’s idea to get two people slightly ahead of the main force was a good one I think, but we should have avoided moving along a road because it’s totally possible to receive unidentified fire and there’s no way everybody can get in cover fast enough. In fact, that’s what happened with one of us dying and a general confusion which certainly didn’t help. The path was quite forced but the overall movement was badly coordinated and I’d rather use a two-men recon only when they can effectively take cover instead of being exposed, when moving along a road you might want to have as much firepower as possible as soon as you start taking bullets.

Now about the moving technique on the following insertion, it went really good maybe just for the fact that (as Teddy said during debrief) we had already cleared that way into the town, we didn’t take many contacts until the tank trapped us in the compound but I was quite confident that we could have dealt with any threat efficiently. Plus, as I said in the first part of my analysis we were moving compound to compound, using roads only when strictly necessary and that provided a much safer overall movement. Regarding the tank, I first picked rifleman AT but thought AAR would be more useful so it’s my fault for not filling Alpha completely since both AT roles were free, luckily the tank was dumb enough to let us run into the ditch but that’s definitely not a reliable way to face a situation like that, so again I apologise, I wasn’t expecting armoured vehicles to take part of the convoy.
The final assault to the hostage building was messy but having no counter-armour equipment in an open field with an APC flanking us and no idea where remaining enemies were was a very tough one, and the chaos led to inaccurate action even though again, it was a very hectic situation.

The barricade walls were both unrealistic (imho) and challenging, I really liked how two of us checked every building for a way through while the others covered the back but it felt too much, so maybe having more balanced blocked ways could make more sense.

The mission concept is very interesting and I liked CQB this time, sign that we performed good overall. So huge thanks to Shiny for hosting the mission, to Goat for playing an unusual role and to everybody else for the fun night!

I regret not being able to play the mission. To what I pressume was the update I constantly had 2 - 5 fps. Just when I thought I fixed it, it started again, causing me to leave without being able to mention it.

Did you manage to get it fixed [user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] ?
Since we failed this time we can do a modified rerun maybe in a few months with slightly higher player numbers. Not even a full squad was fine luckily this time :slight_smile:

All your feedback has been noted.

I really enjoyed this mission, the combat was really fun and forced everyone to keep their heads in the game.
I do have to apologize for my sudden disappearing, however my graphics card broke somewhere in that mission. Can’t seem to able to get it running…