COOP: Hiking in the rain

Stories, feedback, thoughts and more are welcome!

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Overall I had a very good time as a Nightbird pilot on the ground, shooting folks with my machine pistol.

However, with our current low player numbers I recommend that the scenario next time is changed a bit on the fly by placing a pilot hostage that we free at the helo location. That way we can fill out more infantry platoon slots.

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Yeah, it is hard to be confident in the player numbers at the current time. At first we only had 9 people marked as interested in DC. Then one or two more joined and then again more until we had 12 I believe.

It is still not many people, however it was quite decent imho, but I agree that it could have been designed better.

Thanks for the feedback and if there is any more then keep it coming please! :smiley:

Great OP overall.

That was a nice change of pace, maybe could have a side objective but since we found working vics we were a bit fast into the last FOB.

First time with a Bolt rifle, it was fun but sometimes I felt there was a nerf on the bullet: an headshot at around 70/100m was not instakill lol.

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From what I understood, we made a change to the gun but forgot to update the rest of the loadout. Seems like it needs a potential revamp.

Yeah. On that topic could a DMT have more than 2 mags for the side arm?? Since he can’t fight close with his rifle and you nearly need half if not a full mag to down someone.

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