Coop - Hidden Hammer

Please post your stories and feedback from the mission here.

A little video from me how to survive a BTR


This was the 2nd time the mission where i have been traumatized by a BTR. The following picture shows the aftermath of the 1st encounter. I was alive there but completly smoked.

[quote user_id=“13750996” avatar=“” name=“Shails”]A little video from me how to survive a BTR


"be aware, I think there is a BTR near dismount marker" gold :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the mission was really hard. The idea of the mission was nice but the execution was not so nice. I think doing an ambush on that specific road was near impossible. I have been thinking if we could have done it in any way where it didn’t go bad and I couldn’t think of any. If we would have wanted to do this I think it might have been nice if we would get to deploy the mines and stuff in the night and then wait for day for the attack, maybe that would have been better.

I think I said you can manipulate time. Ambush site selection was wrong, it should have been closer to the infantry outpost.

Always, always, always do a detailed reconnaissance of the area before going into action. I am repeating this like a parrot for some time now.

I can’t really complain about the ambush site because I thought it was funny but didn’t want to criticise the platoon leader. So my fault just as much as anyone. On the whole even though we didn’t really have the right gear to deal with multiple enemy light armour we did our best and actually raided one of the targets very well (the industrial site) even the prison raid did not go too badly. All in all a good recovery from an initial setback well done everyone!

I think the set up of the mission was alright. But i didn’t enjoy the mission. There was no tactical gameplay, people where joking around and the it did feel if we where playing like headless chickens / A-team. I know i dont play much. But i believe that you can joke and put a game face on when its need it.

But they order that we did get (go lure a BTR) with both squad, with out AT, and hope that he drives on a mine… I’m sorry but that idea, really? Also sometimes there was no idea what the real plan was/is. And people where putting music on, one time alright. But keep doing it, wil make that people have harder time to get there gameface on. And people stay in A-team mindset…

So i don’t say there was something wrong with the mission, but i think we as group can do better.