Coop: Hearts and Mines

Please leave feedback. Sorry about your pizza Dachi.

Loved the mission had lots of fun, worth losing the pizza!

I loved the pace of this OP. From memory, MOUT operations tend to go to shit really fast, but this one went really well because every element had time to set up effective lines of fire after each movement.

This may be a criticism for ARMA, but the mission was almost entirely horizontal with minimal enemies shooting from rooftops or windows. Realistically I’d expect the enemy to use the available vertical plane, and force us to be even more careful in our movements. Not sure how viable it is with the ARMA AI. :idea:

I really enjoyed it. This was great mission making, and fantastic platoon leading by [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] and squad leading by [user avatar=“” name=“Koffer”]5721247[/user] .

Only thing I would add is a way for a single respawn to make it back to PLT at the hours mark without sending them all alone into an enemy occupied town