COOP: Hard Road Home

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Map: Rosche, Germany
Time: 07:30
Weather: Slight overcast, strong morning fog. Expected to clear up as the sun rises, but wind is expected to pick up.
Host: @Karl
DLC Required: None

Europe is at war. The Eastern Coalition forces have pushed the frontline all the way to Germany. As our Airfield base has been causing the hostiles heavy losses and is a strategic position, they have focused their new efforts to this region.

After fierce fighting, their forward troops have pushed our forces back over the western river, and have set up roadblocks on the bridge crossings. HQ has decided to call back all units east of the river to regroup and plan a counter attack.


I Situation

Our unit is set up in a small repair base to the north-east of the region. Due to fighting our tank platoon is no longer at full strength. We have been tasked with falling back to the airbase and taking out an enemy forward artillery position on the way back.
Seems like the hostiles plan to capture the airfield in one piece, and have not launched any artillery attacks on it, however, they have set up a forward Anti-Air position to keep all of our aircraft grounded.

Friendly Forces

  • 1st Tank Platoon + Engineer section, US Army
  • PLT, A,B,C, ENG, DGR1, DGR2
  • Friendly Close Air Support exists at the Airbase, however, they are currently stuck due to hostile AA.


  • 2x M1A2SEPv2 (Abrams tank) - 4 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x commander, 1x loader - Dagger + Sword
  • 2x M1151A1 (HMMWV with CROWS/M2) - 4 seats: 1x driver, 1x co-driver, 1x gunner, 1x passenger
  • 2x M1151A1 (HMMWV with CROWS/Mk19) - 4 seats: 1x driver, 1x co-driver, 1x gunner, 1x passenger
  • 4x M1151A1 (Unarmed HMMWV) - 4 seats: 1x driver, 1x co-driver, 2x passenger
  • 2x M977A4-B (Truck with M2/Ammo) - 3 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x passenger
  • 2x M977A4-B (Truck with M2/Repair) - 3 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x passenger
  • 2x M978A4-B (Truck with Fuel) - 2 seats: 1x driver, 1x passenger

Enemy Forces

  • Easter Coalition forces, mostly expect Russian troops and armour. Expect recon infantry with light vehicles and BTRs roaming the region. You can expect heavier presence in hostile strongpoints, including lighter tanks.


  • Civilians have been evacuated away from the frontlines.

II Mission

Our Tank Platoon has been tasked with falling back to the Airbase. However, as we are the heaviest unit on the way back, we are also tasked with destroying a forward artillery position to safeguard the airfield. You are also to remain vigilant for any new tasks from command.
Optionally, you can also chose to take out some other enemy forward positions to cripple their forces or get access to friendly support.

III Execution

Commander’s Intent

  • Platoon dictates the order of plans and movement, however, the artillery position must be destroyed.
  • Movement down to Platoon’s intent.
  • The Artillery position has to be destroyed and our Platoon safely at the Airbase.

Movement Plan

  • You can chose to go down the main roads for speed, or stay in the fields for more stealth. Watch out for any roadblocks or recon forces.
  • Is it predetermined to use certain vehicles in a specific phase of the movement plan?
  • There are some friendly minefields which are marked on the map.

Fire Support

  • Airbase has AA set up, which should help keep the skies clear of enemy air assets.
  • We have CAS available at the airbase, however, they are pinned down due to hostile AA.

Optional Tasks

  • Destroy the enemy AA position to free friendly CAS.
  • Destroy enemy captured fuel + armor depot to reduce their armor availability.
  • Potential tasks from HQ as mission progresses.

IV Administration / Logistics

  • Should you capture any hostiles, strip them of weapons, but we have no facilities for prisoners.


  • Resupply boxes are available at starting location. Supplies also possible to call in via Airbase air assets once hostile AA is offline.
  • Medevac is available, once hostile AA is destroyed.


  • Reinsertions will be on the hour every hour and be adhered to strictly, no deviation is allowed.
  • Reinsertions are the same for all, including vehicles teams.
  • Platoon Commander has a one time reinsertion wild card at his disposal, call this in through HQ.
  • At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in the smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
  • Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.

Good op, had fun

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I might create a more detailed post later but in short I really gotta point out how well both convoy procedures and short-range radio discipline in Alpha was handled. Leaders in Alpha had pretty much always clear comms to communicate, even under heavy fire, which enabled us to keep up our momentum, situational awareness and coordination.

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Performance was great through most of the OP, the vehicle depot seemed to be a little bit choppy but I got masscas’d so I didn’t get to suffer through the average arma experience.

I had an amazing time this op as Alpha Autorifleman!


Great OP, great team, great comms, thanks Ohdahh and Umi!