Coop - Grim Business

Please post your feedback and impressions regarding the mission here.

Well, it would be unfair to leave this thread blank. I thought the mission was great. Design was really thought of, I’ve noticed a lot, like really lot details that are usually hallmarks of AAA (props, decals, AI for atmosphere) etc.

It was, in essence, a special forces meets mistery kind of mission. We were not required to just "take over the town" but to do it using the brain and discover the game world. Shame [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] is not playing any more, he would love this one.

Regarding in-game performance… I was in cool fireteam, Dusty was really trying to do what needs to be done, sometimes yelling at civilians which made me laugh a bit (the speed he got from that 50cal to yell at some civilian was astonishing). In terms of approaching the objective, I guess we need to decide that we’re not there to liberate the town, but to get in, take the VIP and get out. But that was perfectly ok, sometimes we can’t distinguish between "mission types" which determine the way we should play it, tactics etc.

Overall, really enjoyable and hope [user avatar=“” name=“Clarke”]11341464[/user] you’re gonna give us more beauties like this. Keep it up!