Coop - Green Wizard



don’t go alone ever ever!

Parking Dagger/sabre on the hill with complete view is nice for shooting. Also nice for the enemy to shoot you.
And then doing it twice on the same position was just weird

We lose to much momentum sometimes if someone goes down

We call something a sniper to many times (there were no snipers on this map)

LAMBS ai flanks if they have do not have a stationary order (garrison)
We get flanked to easy every time we are stationairy because we tunnel vision

Keep your elements closer with LAMBS to have more 360 security

MM perspective
Could not control units
Could not only give orders
Could not delete units
Could not get units to interact with vehicles
Could not teleport units
SAF faction wears no clothes on the server but locally it works

The objective was big and I did not expect you to clear the airport
OPORD of next week shows this as we will be mirroring this match.

ACE Medical modules don’t work anymore
Had to give 360 splints this OP
Had to spawn an extra 40 blood bags this OP
Had to spawn an extra 120 bandages this OP

Nothing new that wasnt said in the endex but worth putting in writing. Op was a little ambitious in scope, a town and an FOB right next to each other meant the AI from each objective could support one another slowing us down. Medical system certainly has promise but the bleeding co-efficient seems to be too high, one hit and you can go from full blood to none in less than a minute.

On ACE medical:

Injuries having lasting effect on your aim/ movement speed is certainly a plus imo, getting your arm stitched by a field medic shouldn’t bring you back to peak performance.
Bleed-out ratio def needs to be looked at, maybe a little test sunday or monday?
I like how CPR is actually needed now, really makes keeping someone alive a task though.

On the op:

Good time were had
Town was def too big considering we had a little village to clear as well.
It was actually quite refreshing to fail an op for once, stuff was getting a little easy there, keeps us on our toes.

Side-bar: I called out friendly fire by Sabre on yellow team, i later heard this was false. So i apologize or whatever.

On the op:
I enjoyed the objectives very much, as well as those not marked on map that came up as surprises (though we were warned in advance it was hostile territory so we prepped for it). I don’t really care if we actually are able to clear the objectives of an op, as long as they are interesting (and these were). I like having too many objectives more than too few :smiley:

I disagree that we were wrong to call snipers (when I did it). They were engaging at long range >700m and in the end it took me about 4 minutes to locate him even though he was wearing white underwear. Just because he wasn’t actually using a scoped rifle doesn’t mean we didn’t have to treat him as such until we were sure he wasn’t an immediate threat (and I can’t identity every from that range, especially when you don’t know how far he is until you find him).

On medical:
As long as you don’t go unconscious the medical system is very familiar. At most you have to split a limb when it’s busted, but that’s an easy fix. I used 3 splits over the entire op (1 from jumping off a structure).

I noted that accumulated wounds (that have been stitched) do affect your weapon sway A LOT. Towards the end of the op it was similar to playing with large wounds on both arms with tourniquets on previous ace medical. Maybe my low blood had an effect on it as well, idk. I do actually like this system, where you more and more become a wounded soldier trying to make it out, instead of being 100% OK as soon as you get a stitch.

It didn’t feel to me like the 120 seconds for cardiac arrest was a problem. I always made it to people of my ft/squad in time to treat their wounds then their cardiac arrest and leave stitching and blood to the medic. In the end I only lost Aether because I was treating two people of red and didn’t get back to my ft in time to check on them before he bled out/got cardiac-ed.

Finally my main problem with the current ace medical: People stay unconscious too long. It took ages for Shadisica to get up on the hill after he went down, or for Aether to get up on the first "ambush". Shadisica was unconscious for 12 minutes AFTER the medic got to him (he was stable for several minutes before that already). Aether was down for a solid 12 minutes as well, even though medic got to him within a minute of him going unconscious. (I got both recorded, that’s how I know.)

Medical status at the end of the op; I never went unconscious until I died:

Generally, whatever people say is in at least 90% of time forgotten. It s always (if it has any meaning - has some sort of importance) good to write it - becouse it stays somewhere. - on paper for some time or at forum - for years or even decade. It does stay.

Even when, whatever have I wrote here and read it second or third day later, there is something to edit - add to it or delete it - as it could be nonsence too - but even that is a feedback.

Whatever you want "measure" (lets say example: getting better in english writing or english grammar) or in other words - say getting better knowledge, skill or "improvement" is worth of writting - if not for others - it should "somehow" improve you at least, during some period of time (as writting probably force people generally, to think more, bc it does take more effort that speaking from place + you can get back to it anytime)

Feedback from Plt Comd on this mission:

  1. There is no way for us to counteract the loss of momentum due to casualties because this normally means we now combat ineffective. It also means we need to take a much smaller force to push on and split the platoon leaving a big gap between the CCP and the advancing platoon. Unfortunately, we don’t have the numbers on ops to backfill a Squad to keep pushing forward.

  2. When it comes to the flanking I can understand that lambs AI does this automatically but this is why I mentioned on discord that on such a large-scaled OP playing as a regular military force it is not out of the bounds of the scenario to have supporting platoons secure positions behind our advance or even push onto the western side of the island as a blocking element stopping our forces from getting flanked. To me this would make sense otherwise we advance into enemy territory and are always surrounded which is not what would happen IRL or is fun all the time especially on such larger and hard objectives. For my part flank protection was good so can not tell why flanking was mentioned, we got surrounded after our first failed assault but we can not stop that as a platoon of this size the area is far too large to stop enemies flanking us all we could do was stay close and maintain 360.

  3. We were taking very accurate fire from 600m plus so I can understand why it might be called a sniper either way not fussed on this point as it was called out and marked on the map accurately which was great.

  4. I don’t know why spacing of the elements was mentioned on the first assault we were on OW 1 and OW 2 which were 150m apart so very close and so was Dagger not too far away. The 2nd assault we went in together and again were very close so maybe the spacing of elements may have been when clearing the town not sure but I saw no issues while I was alive.

  5. The 2nd assault was the exact same plan from the first assault we were just able to execute this time before taking heavy casualties and being flanked. Great job by all on the objective, it just proved too tough for us but we tried very hard and I was pleased with everyone’s work.

  6. I think this image sums it up for me and is why I was frustrated at the end of the night.

    Even with Dagger up there to help we had no real chance at suppressing these objectives and moving into them, with so many enemies there. The enemies were spread over a large area so we couldn’t concentrate firepower or even have enough to spread it across the front, we definitely never had enough to do that and then lose alpha firepower while they assaulted. Hence the hidden approach on the 2nd assault without scouting first.

Feedback from Dachi Mission Maker on this mission:

  1. This ties in with my previous point 1 about lack of numbers etc as this seems to come up at least from me all the time not just on this OP but lots of OP’s. As a mission maker, I suggest if it is not out of the scope or scenario of the mission and you are going for full-scale battle/warfare with large objectives then please think about our numbers and the enjoyment of the community. It just takes a few seconds to draw some unit boundaries on the map. For example:

    This lets us know these flanks our secure and our advance will be secured by friendlies even if it is not by real AI. Minimal AI can be used to secure the advance behind the platoon. These are just options and things to consider when doing large ops like this.

    This is an example of one I did for Operation First Light:

  2. The support of the gun and missile runs were nice and defo for big missions like this keep them coming. Some arty would have been sweet on this OP though.

  3. The lack of control due to issues Zeus had was a shame but hopefully, we can learn from that and place down the minimum amounts of AI required and then upscale during the event so we have some form of scaling during the OP’s.

I had a good mission and enjoyed a lot of it especially working with MAT. Shadisca did a great job as ASL and really kept things going when I was down so great job all round.

[quote user_id=“12591864” avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]Feedback from Plt Comd on this mission:

[*] I don’t know why spacing of the elements was mentioned on the first assault we were on OW 1 and OW 2 which were 150m apart so very close and so was Dagger not too far away. The 2nd assault we went in together and again were very close so maybe the spacing of elements may have been when clearing the town not sure but I saw no issues while I was alive.

In the screenshot you see why I mention this. PTL gets hit hard on their hill and I think only 3 of them or 2 of them are up after they get shot. Dagger gets killed on this hill as they move around. But as you can see the single red OPFOR that is close will flank Alpha from inbetween PTL and Dagger. This is why I said, if we were closer we would not be outflanked.
150m in Arma is quite far especially with the rules and modset we have. In this instance there was also a valley inbetween the 2 hills that was completely unnoticed and we had about a fireteam trickle through there.

If we get CNTR up we can see this too that in LAMBS it’s always individuals flanking us. I understand you haven’t been here but every mission it’s like this so we have to adjust the way we play to counter this. I don’t think it had anything to do with the mission or having friendly AI help us because then we would need it on every single mission.

Another thing that LAMBS does, the instance the first engagement starts, they start moving. This was especially visible in the War on Malden mission we had : CNTR - Carpe Noctem Tactical Recap
Check around 10 minutes. We just haven’t figured out the meta yet on how to counter this.

ACE notes.

  • Black and white effect seems to be missing, when low on blood, or maybe I never was.
  • -Its nice to know when that’s the case and have a noticeable, non detrimental effect to know, so I can RP being dizzy or whatever.

  • Not being able to see when unconcious and additionally having a stupid looking blinking effect.
  • -not sure if I was normally unconcious or was it cardiac arrest causing that.
  • -I’d like to be able to see while unconcious, so I have something to entertain me during that, watching people look for me and bumble around and shit.

  • Its cool to have more importance for medics, as well as having more levels of woundednes.

ACRE notes.

something like this happened on a previous op aswell, some people not being able to hear each other, but others hearing them.
Last time it was on the temporary server, so likely a different case though.
This time everybody in my team could hear me, but one of them couldn’t through the radio.
Shiny said it might be some elevation difference, based bug in acre, but this problem persisted throught the op.
A week ago or so, half way through a mission, my radio broke completely and nobody was receiving me, even after replacing my batteries, and turning it off and on again.

I don’t think they are going to chance the way you see when your unconscious. This is a new feature.
We are on an almost flat map tomorrow. Let’s see if we have radio issues then. If no, then I am even more sure it’s the elevation.