COOP: German Steel

Leave C&C!

Gut fun

Gotta blast them all

Great mission even as a single engineer. Had plenty to do! :smiley:
Would it be possible just having 2-man tank crews and as such more elements and need for better communication/actual PL?

it’s possible of course to run tanks with less crew, but it’s very gamey and not very fun. The driver has limited awareness, and the gunner should be busy with scanning and shooting, so neither can multitask very well.
What I think might work is; PLT leading from a command vehicle with some medical/ repair/ rearm/ scouting (optics, tow/m2) capabilities.
edit: maybe a command HMV or a maxxpro with a turret, set it as a repair rearm vehicle in attributes. throw an engineer in the turret.

I was planning to run a sequel to this one in a bit, I’ll adapt the faction a bit to try this. Have a Platoon element that’s Commander - Medic - Engineer - Rifleman to drive/do some security/ JTAC stuff maybe.