Coop - Gas Station

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Boy oh boy it was a tough mission.

Halfway through the defensive part I thought we weren’t going to make it, but it seems our defensive positions were pretty darn good and we held the gas station for a long time before finally moving out, despite being outnumbered and in a bad spot radiation-wise. Alpha fought off a large amount of enemies both in the NW and NE, so I don’t think anyone got bored (hopefully).

The convoy organization was a bit chaotic and took some time, but the end result was good enough. A couple of keypoints to remember, IMHO, are:

  • try to avoid splitting infantry elements off between vehicles and ground, especially if smaller elements are available to take care of the vehicles
  • keep convoy net to a dedicated channel or use long range, when Alpha got engaged it was an absolute mess trying to use 343 Ch1 for both the convoy and infantry

Halfway through the front of the convoy was engaged by enemies to the NW side. It was so good to have two infantry squads that could support each other and perform flanking manouvers, but there’s another lesson learned: flanking should happen from the safest side in order to avoid the flanking element to get into heavy enemy fire (which is exactly what happened to Bravo when trying to flank), a better route for flanking element would’ve been from the North which we already had covered by vehicles and other elements along the convoy. I think the outcome would’ve been a successful flank and finish off for the contacts.
It was a hard call and the situation was hot, so mine is just a suggestion being fully aware that it was a tough situation.

As for the setting, my immersion was absolutely epic. I’m (now) a big fan of the nuclear wasteland effect (though it should be used sparingly). In addition to the heavy enemy presence we were to deal with radiation too and adding the gas masks with the daemon-ish voice created a very convincing effect of despair. Thanks Shiny! :slight_smile:

Very nice setting for this one, I enjoyed my time getting cancer left and right! I could apply myself more knowing I’ll die from radiation soon anyway xD. I liked the mission though I was a little surprised how long we held that gas station. I personally didn’t get bored, maybe because the setting was hyping me up and we had plenty of targets to shoot at as alpha. Nonetheless the mission made sense so no complaints. It was also fun to fight against CNTO faction! The AI truly captured our ways and I’ve been double tapped after falling unconscious and dragged out. Geneva convention was thrown out the window; shooting at a medic carrying an already disabled soldier.

That was my 2nd OP in a row back with CNTO and… I wasn’t that lost this time! Yay! Generally speaking it seemed like alpha was doing a very solid job beginning to end but there were a few moments where I questioned our ways. There were moments when we kind of… ignored enemy contacts after not seeing them for a minute or two. We had 1st contacts on our right, then lost visual, had 2nd contacts on the left, got engaged, and suddenly the right side didn’t matter anymore. There are scenarios when that is to be done, deal with immediate threat first, but we could’ve just been more aware. Nothing bad came out of it, we still reacted properly when engaged from both sides. I also think our buddy systems could be better. I am not one to speak, I kept losing my buddy all the time but when we went back to the gas station I would take a peek at my teammates every minute or so and there were moments where there were 2 guys, not that busy with shooting, and 1 man down, unnoticed. It happened a few times in the exact same way in the exact same spot. Once is an accident but when it keeps happening especially under accurate fire it’s not too great. Which brings me to another thing, 3 people went unconscious in the same spot, got healed back up, and proceeded to go back to holding exact same spot in the exact same way just to get shot again. Sometimes it’s just a must but when it happens 3-5 times it feels like abusing our gracious medical system that let’s you survive a headshot.

From the more technical standpoint, bear in mind it could be just me, it was a little hard for me to hear people properly. I do have the game sounds turned waaay up so that doesn’t make things easier, a heavy firefight makes it difficult for me to hear the radio, but I have voice chat turned up to 400%, boosted teamspeak sound from 50% to 100%, and some decibels up on everyone, and unless someone is right next to me I can barely understand what they are saying. It might be I’m not used to acre anymore but it feels like people are on volume 2 in firefights. I think it was Aether who pointed out to me that it’s difficult to hear me over shots (being at volume 3) and to switch to shouting. Easy to forget stuff but I don’t remember having issue with that in the past. In fact, in the past I had my game louder, teamspeak at 70%, and no in-game tweaking on acre and I could hear everyone just fine. Maybe it’s a brainstorming topic but I thought I’d bring it up here too. Also do tell me if my microphone is quiet. It’s quiet by default, I have it boosted in windows but maybe it’s not enough.

Other than that, cool mission, again, pretty difficult but we managed or I hope we did, I left at 11pm, didn’t think I’d get to respawn. Great setting, I’m actually looking forward to more of post apocalyptic arma now, I didn’t know I’d like it. Alpha seemed to be doing just great, didn’t see much of other elements, I was holding one position for 2 hours tbh. Also our shooting was pretty effective too! CNTO wears vanilla armour from what I heard so killing them is not an easy task but we got 'em. All in all, had plenty fun, see you next OP!