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Map: Lingor
Time: 0715
Weather: Cloudy
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user]

This night a squad of specialized Navy Seals embarked on a secret mission deep into enemy territory. They were to take over the heavily guarded prison. At 0615 they informed us that there truck is damaged and that they are surrounded. It’s our task to send in a rescue team, complete their mission and then return to base.


I Situation:

It’s the CNTO’s task to save the Navy Seals named Ghoul. Take the prison and then RTB.
We will go deep into enemy territory and we expect heavy enemy presence. It is of utmost importance to get to Ghoul as soon as possible. The enemy controls all of the islands that surround our airfield.

Friendly Forces:

[indent][list]Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations
[] Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations.
] Navy Seal team Ghoul
[*] Dagger. [/list][/indent]


[indent][list][] 1 x FV-720 Mora
] 1 x Strider HMG
[*] 5 x Strider unarmed

Enemy Forces:

[*] ChDKZ.


[*] None.

II Mission:

We are called in to help the Navy Seals. Complete their mission and RTB after.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[] Save Ghoul.
] Take the prison.

Movement Plan

[*] Get to Ghoul as fast as possible

Fire Support

[*] Artillery support when requested[/list][/indent]

Optional Tasks

[*] Make sure everyone from Ghoul get’s home safe. [/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply will be conducted by reinforcements. [/list][/indent]


[] At predesignated times, a transport will be sent out to pick up reinforcements from the base
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO[/list][/indent]

Navy Seal unit Ghoul has special equipment in the truck and on themselves. Make sure to use it to survive!
CHDKZ are heavily equipped and will present a big challenge.

Friendly Navy Seal unit.

So very rushed on phone and maps crappy but hey no one else posted so lets go for it.

The Striders are amphibious so thats a bonus allowing us quicker inserts. So thats can be the reinforcement route or if not enough man power to man the Mora then it can be used as the primary route but if not we will use the obvious route marked on map but not on the road parallel to it because we are in enemy territory.

Either way we move to the dismount marker and split off with Plt and A1 moving to the OW and cut off pos where we will ambush any rein from the prison and allow the Mora and A2 dismounted to push up the road in search of GHOUL.

Once GHOUL has been secured we will receive new orders for the assault on the Prison.

EDIT: Sorry it is not more detailed I had to also write an essay today and been super busy.

Pretty much what I was thinking (saves me posting), except I would avoid all the towns on the initial insertion, and go cross country, perhaps stopping at the petrol station/radio tower to scout out for Ghoul.