Coop - Full Service Trucking

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Very important picture:

I would say that this mission might have been better on a Friday with more players to fill Ghoul, Mora (from the start). Ghoul might have been able to hold out a bit longer! In any case I had fun.

I really liked my play time on this OP, good all round mission and performance from all.

Keep up the good work guys!!!

I hate planes. :slight_smile:

It was a very good mission, especially from GM-ing POV, you did a really good job filling the blanks so kudos to you. Plot could have been improved, because some intel on that would be useful in planning.

From playing perspective, we should pick our defensive positions better, we were using the positions which were hard to defend, short line of fire, poor overview of the surroundings and we payed for it. But overall, very nice mission, I enjoyed it.

The whole mission I was fearing for my life and I loved it. I love the jungle and I really felt immersed in the whole experience. Good job on the mission and thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] for GM’ing. I think the idea of enemies surrounding the squads in a jungle makes more sense than in an urban city since enemies can be hidding in the forest

I do agree with [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] that defensive positions were not ideal, but I don’t think the surrounding allowed for much beter options, plus the constant tension of enemies did make it harder to strategies anything long term (2+ minutes)

Not much to mention other than compliments. I had a fun time.

I liked the mission a lot too. The feeling of being surrounded was present but not overwhelming. It also showed faults in our 360 security like when we were occupying the checkpoint.