Coop - FUBAR

The mission started with you guys hearing and seeing an explosion up ahead, where a police patrol had hit an IED and an ambush ensued. After defeating the ambush the police patrol continued on where they met us and unfortunately were shot by our forces.

We patrolled on in good order, we then came to a town with a prominent T-Junction where an IED was initiated lucky for us it was badly timed and only damaged the front Humvee. In this town a ambush was then sprung and the guys on the ground did really well combating it unfortunately another friendly patrol was in bound to helo and was destroyed by our ground and air forces.

After this action had taken place we moved on again and an IED was spotted next to a small compound, the guy reacted very well stopping short and dismounting to clear the area which is what you should do because IED’s are normally always followed up with small arms fire. Again when in town you spotted some enemy on a hill far out they were an enemy AA team but a friendly army squad was closing in on them to help you out but at this point the were wrongly identified as enemy and Air engaged them wiping them out but leaving the enemy AA team in tact. During this time a Friendly convoy was leaving the south of Rasman but Air engaged and wiped it out.

After this action the city of Rasman had come under attack from enemy forces and they were besieging Camp Harvey and had taken the A&P Training camp. Here you guys excelled taking on multiple medium armoured vehicles and enemy fire teams and did an excellent job. The reaction to sniper fire in town was also very good but I will say don’t peak on a sniper :).

Unfortunately when FF were coming to help you they instead engaged you this was due to the very high Blue on Green instances. But you dealt with this and pushed to the A&P Training camp to rescue NATO forces which you took well but failed to protect as enemy forces got into the compound and executed the NATO officers.

After this you all managed to Evac Except for one guy left behind.

So in summary:

PiD everything, you have people with vectors in your fire teams and make sure to check the mission brief in the event for pictures of enemy and friendly forces. I forgot to mention above but cordon off IED’s and do not form up around it or even hang around it like I saw people doing. Also when waiting for an evac chopper as soon as you can see it, get off any roof your on and get ready to board the chopper, don’t ever keep the chopper waiting it should be down your on and away as fast as possible the chopper is a high sitting target don’t get everyone killed.


I agree that we’re not doing IFF enough. However vectors have also very weak magnification - at 500m, a soldier it just a bunch of pixels for me, even through a vector.

If we ever get a spotter team with high magnification scopes, this could be one use for it. :slight_smile:

[justify]All I remember is that our Wildcat engaged armed personnel with extreme prejudice to devastating effect. That they turned out to be allied Afghani policemen was entirely their own fault. :cool: [/justify]


The enemy were definately too far away for us to ID on the ground. I was relying on Air reconnasiance. lol

Not My Fault

[quote user_id=“11586380” avatar=“” name=“Ozzie”]The enemy were definately too far away for us to ID on the ground. I was relying on Air reconnasiance. lol

Not My Fault[/quote]
Well, Air ID’d them alright. And did the extra work for us!

(Was kind of surprised they got so much air time, despite the restriction of using it only for emergency cases, kind of why we did the ground resupply mission in the first place.)

Anyway - good idea to use the high-magnification optics of some helicopters (ie. littlebird) to IFF targets, though one has to remind the copilot to switch off thermals to actually see the uniforms. :slight_smile:

I was trying to ID them but wildcat has very bad optics compared to melb little birds. The camera was shaking very badly at highest magnification (which isn’t very large) even if pilot was standing still. All I could see were blobs of something green.

Damn Ryujin, you wouldn’t catch me making the same mistake…

Hey, I ID’d them as "green". Pilot made the call to obliterate the green blobs :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys be crazy!!!

I thought I would finish the post with what I saw and thought was awesome action!

First when the guys took sniper fire at the southern edge of Rasman the reaction was a little slow but great once they realised the threat and once they saw my position smashed me with accurate fire and killed me quickly.

The second time was when the guys I think Bravo took heavy sniper fire close from the top of one of the shops, they kept peaking and so kept taking fire they realised the error and back off to flank right, but while this action was going on another element heard the sniper fire and radio calls from the team suppressed and flanked me ending my sniper streak with some CQB.

The third best moment for me was the heli extract the guys put up a really good defence with the limited man power they had. The blind rpg shot to the helicopters tail rotor was also awesome and the recovery was great shame it couldn’t be landed or it would have been A* piloting.

All In all there were some caotic moments but it was great to watch I am sure it was an entertaining mission.