Coop: Foster's Rule

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Very enjoyable operation, skillful GM-ing. Initial planning could have been done better by me (Alpha should have been on the central forts guarding east and south, while engineers deploy mines on the northern approach). I know people were moved around a lot, but we had no other choice because all of you, except Nightbird, were basically QRF and we were trying to seal the gaps in our defense which were everywhere.

Element leaders, really, really, really good. You showed initiative and in absence of orders done a proper thing, like patrolling during times of poor visibility without aerial recon.

Nightbird did a great job, maybe some comms were not relayed on time but that was just for few minutes which compared to two and a half hour long mission is nothing.

One thing we could improve upon is practicing delaying actions a bit more. Whenever enemy is so superior than us, all we can do is delay and trade space for time. But overall, good job.

Highlights :slight_smile: :

[youtube]Arma 3 Seize the Highlights 03.09: Don't Stop Me Now - YouTube [/youtube]