Coop - First Light

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I’ll be honest. I had a terrible time this OP. I must have played around 15 minutes in total in the actual AO and the rest of my time was spent either in base or driving to reinsert.

I got shot the first time through trenches we had set up, passed out and then was headshot through the trench again.

The second time, we hit a BTR, I got pinned behind some trees by AI and promptly shot to bits by them through the tree cover. I popped some smoke to try to escape and was just met with more inch perfect bullets through the trees. Then came a barrage of underslung GL’s which basically ruined any chance I had of limping out of there.

MAT launcher seemed to bounce off of BTR armour at least once before it would blow up, meaning 2 rockets per armoured vic.

Whilst I get the point of the enemy was to be overwhelming, I honestly really disliked this mission.

Hhhhmmmm I think this mission is what it is, a large scale wave of enemies against your front line. It is a shame you and others may not have enjoyed the difficulty but how long you last is really down to luck and some tactics on your part. I noticed a lot of people surviving for a long time.

Either way I see a big difference in I had a bad time of it on this mission compared to this mission was bad because. So if the mission set up or execution it self were bad and not just your experience on it, can you suggest what you would do to make the mission better.


I didn’t say the mission was bad, Dachi. I said I personally had a terrible time and I disliked it, for the reasons I listed.Neither tactics nor luck could have stopped me dying twice the way I did. It was just arma being arma and it ruined the whole experience for me.

I think this is a great mission. It was realistic, hard. I believe it should have been played once again on Friday with 20+ players. Also, finally training leaders initiative is a must. As much as I respect anyone, we are going to spend a lot of time in the base if we keep playing without trained and certified platoon and squad leaders. Role selection was carefully created to take that into account but so far we have 0 certified people.

The mission was well designed & I liked the example set by the other platoon defending the South side of our AO. Gave us a good idea of what we could in the North. It was also rather disconcerting to see a BMP just move across the ambush we had set without triggering any of the (I believe) 4 AT mines we had there.

As I said in the debrief, I think the planning in base took too long because we where very far away from the AO (that’s one critique I’d make to the mission, our base was very far away). It’s almost impossible to set up an ambush site only from reading the map, especially in heavily forested areas. Thus when Alpha got on site, we had no time to alter anything & the ambush site we had was not ideal (not a very good firing position & kill zone on a crest). I’d also like leaders to read the OPORD in advance of the mission to have a good idea of what things will be like & how they want to use the asset at our disposal. In the end I think only the TOWs where really used & the explosives we had never really did any damage.

I have a feeling that the mines where placed down but were not activated, when just placed down they sit high on the surface when armed they sit with only small part of the top showing, as GM I zoomed in on your mines and they did not look like they were all armed.

Dachi, I was looking for the possibility in Ace interaction menu but "arm" or "activate" was not there. What was there was "set trigger".

It s not first time what mines failed and it s not secret that some AT mines called AT mines really does not work ! It should be always tested by mission maker if it s not bugged. (or if something is needed to know about equipment should be stated in OPORD to make it clear and useable)

What is bugged could be listed somewhere or if not on forum so in personal mission maker diary notes to not repeat that.

There are some nice AT mines which had worked nicely called exactly: TM-62M, and these were in past working well.

Mission itself was very nice, different, dynamic, nice new map. Just did not understood the 10Km long way, especially when it s Tuesday mission which are short, if made for Friday, stick to it. Did not mind to be overrun by tanks or by smart flanking enemy from behind, that how it should be done.

Had fun and would just change the distance and would tested the mines before actual op to make it work for us by instructions in OPORD, briefing or by changing them for other AT mines like the TM-62M.


Overall really enjoyed this mission, it was quite difficult as this gif will show:


And under that, you would see "pressure plate", which is exactly what arms the mine. Without this, the mine does nothing.
I’ve also seen this on our wave defense test where people would just place tripwires without arming them.

I think that’s a fair point and we (well, MMs) should employ things like "skip time" to allow the players recon the area, set up defenses, etc. during daylight if they’re supposed to have a day of time prior to the attack. And only once the players are happy with the setup would GM advance the time, simulating idle waiting.
True, this may lead to longer setup times, but probably better defenses and hopefully better experience in the end (not as chaotic as hastily set-up positions).

Here Mother video showing explosives in mission on server working:


Here is also a spreadsheet of explosives I have tested today: Explosives Tests - Google Kalkylark

and the video of the testing:

[youtube]Exposive Testing - YouTube

So, I checked the "AT-mine" in Eden - this time i had there the possibility of "pressure plate" but during the last operation I had there only something like "explosive/fire device" there was no pressure plate possibility (or I can be blind too, but do not think so) in-game but now im missing the "explosive device" instead of "pressure plate".

I watched your video Dachi, but I had there instead the "pressure plate" only the possibility of "firing/explosive device" from some reason.

PMA-3 those very small AP mines works for me. Yep, they are not so lethal how others but I would not say they are not working. They are working, if you activate them they disappear under ground and you can not see them but still they are there. In mission making I would use them against us (TFN…) not against enemy as they are not so lethal how others. Good thing is you survive your mistake and it does not kill whole squad like bounding Apers.
So, the PMA-3 are more for Zeus mission making (obstacles creating) than for our in game use.

In my eyes they are working how they should. But, yeah, if only the criterion is Lethal/Non-lethal - they are problematic. (So as so the AI will bleed out, so lets say, they are not instantly lethal).