Coop - Finishing Move

Please leave feed back on the mission what you liked what you didn’t like or just your stories and videos.

Once its done:


Come to think of it I could/should have said this at the debrief, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:
This was my first night OP with you guys, and it was a good one.
Communications and movement went smoother than the first 2 OPs I attended, and the training beforehand was quite useful.
Also, I did friendly fire someone, but that was entirely my fault, but I did learn something from it: keep communicating whilst in a firefight :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the great evening guys!

Had a great time tonight. As has been said many times, our communication was absolutely fantastic tonight. The plans were tight and concise, and I never felt like I didn’t know what I was meant to be doing.

Had a good laugh along the way too. Pretty much my vision of a perfect op.

Very nice op! I really had a lot of fun playing it. It was my first night op and it was really enjoyable. The lack of visibility making you extra cautious when trying to PID targets when we were assaulting compounds and the tension rising when tracers started flying around made for a great experience.
I got TKed a couple times but it might be my fault being a bit too agressive in my placement.

Thanks very much Dachi!

Dachi owned me with his incessant strafing and bullet spraying. How do you even manage it? Whenever I try with the AI i catch a bullet in the face.

I am sorry dude I had no NVGs as AI so even more impressive.

Jesus, I only just noticed how loud my keys are over TS

Oh one thing I wanted to ask how was FPS all good on this one?

Never noticed any problems with the FPS

No FPS problem for me either.