Coop - Final Thrust

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.

This was my first mission so any comment (good or bad) on the mission making is welcomed !


I enjoyed the mission, as someone said during the debriefing I felt threatened most of the time. The only complaint is that my fireteam (Bravo 2) wasn’t really involved in any engagement.
Thanks for the mission Pantoufle, it was fun!

I liked the mission too, as said during the debriefing having Alpha & Bravo moving parellel to each other while contesting the villages was enjoyable.
The rythm of the mission was nice & encountering opposition in unexpected locations kept us on our toes (that’s how B1 took a lot of casualties, not careful enough I guess).

Thanks Pantoufle for the mission & Xerses for supporting him!

Some feedback from myself:

I felt sorry for you Dagger. This rocket fired from so far away was unexpected. I wanted you to have a fair duel with the BMP … Xerses and myself tried to remote control driver and gunner as much as possible to make this armor an actual threat and not just suicidal AI as usual. I think we’ve somewhat achieved that. It was hard to find a good balance between letting the gunner murdering you with supervision and controlling him. In the end I think it should have inflicted more casualties (not many of you died actually).

I did not check the M2A3’s inventory (nor the humvees), I really didn’t expect it to hold some javelins but great job on retrieving and using them I guess !

The AI did a lot of retardred things (the whole garrison of Saint-Pierre just went on the road and get destroyed while I was remote controlling someone, leaving no one to defend the city)

I didn’t see you guys make a lot of mistakes. Maybe sometime failing to maintain 360 (mostly at the very first engagement) and letting the enemy flank but they did not inflict any casualty.

Overall I hope wasn’t too bad, I learned a lot from it and hope the next one will be better :slight_smile:

The mission was good. I liked how we got engaged in the middle of the field after bravo had their 1st encounter in the forest. We were kept busy and we didn’t have much moments when we could just lay back and tell dick jokes 24/7. We got one boring lull when alphas were at the bunker by the road and bravo… Well… I don’t know about bravo. I know they were on that hill to SW from us. We had to shoot there but it was camping and leading fire for over half an hour I think. We could have done that part faster. The AI felt very good. 2nd Zeus is really great idea for our missions since really… we got flanked quite a lot as for our regular flank count, there were those motherfuckers shooting rockets at us from 500m away, that flank to our north in the initial encounter would have gotten a few guys but they can’t hide when me headphones make me FEEL the sonic cracks and gunshots in my ears. IDK what to say more. It was a damn great mission. Communication was overwhelmingly good :smiley: One thing I might say that was bad was the fact that 2 last towns were basicly empty. I know you got rid of some ei because we lost our armour but I think you took away too much of them. And for the ending - those helicopters at the end made me hard. Do it more often :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK what with the videos. I’m behind with one mission and I really don’t know when they are gonna appear. We could have both perspectives here as zcribe has bravo point of view and I have alpha point of view.

I did not enjoy the mission much. Being in the rear guard and not actually doing anything but that happens to everybody once in a while. Especially if the squads and fireteam positions aren’t rotated (Units designation being the primary reason for unit having some position it seems). Somewhat understandable but just boring.

Had some weird communication problems with SL and other FTL. Mostly due to incorrect radio procedures by myself and other participants but occasionally for seemingly technical reasons.

A thing I did notice was that we spent over 20 minutes in the base making a simplistic plan for the mission.We were aware based on the OPORD that IFV was a prime target and could’ve sent out a recon force ahead ASAP. Add to that ca 10 mins for transit. I was expecting the GM to punish that. By letting the IFV be captured/destroyed by the enemy, have more recon patrols in the area or even attacking the convoy while in transit.

OPORD was well made. Very easily understandable and useful. Everything under correct section. No pointless clutter. One could possibly read it while loading the mission and get the gist of it.

Mission itself was a nice clean attack mission. No large complications. Terrain was fairly interesting.Cannot say much about the enemy since didn’t really meet them. Just a few stragglers. Yeah, overall good job [user avatar=“” name=“Pantoufle”]3327235[/user]

NB! Is OCAP of this mission broken or just alternatively functional?

Radio com issues in the forest. I couldn’t hear zcribe in the humvee whilst I was hididng in the forest, but in his POV it shows he tried to hail us. There was a lot of radio silence in the forest as well with the rest of bravo when engagements took place. I don’t want to assume they’re just bad with radios so I’m leaning towards the forest causing radio complications

[user avatar=“” name=“zcribe”]16558368[/user] - when on the map briefing screen, go into configure addons (bottom left), CLIENT, ACRE2, make sure you have postmix volume set to 3.00 (max) which makes the volume scaling feel much more realistic. The new acre moved this from ts3 plugin settings and reset it to 1.00.

As Dagger driver I want to say another thanks to my gunner and commander. I think we had fun supporting the first attacks in the valley. When we were hit we had just pulled back to what we thought was safer location while we waited for some intel from the infantry elements. A good plan but we must have misjudged how visible we still were. Anyway we still got to do supporting from the 50cal Humvee which is turned out was a tough little bugger anyway. The javelins with ace are actually really fun to use as getting a lock on is not easy and the enemy armour was difficult to lock with the other vehicles and objects interfering until we got very quite close at the end. So not at all OP as I you might think.