Coop - Fallujah Nights

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shiny is wost plt eu

One of the best operations I’ve played in a while, great CQB from bravo all round!

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Personally did like the Idea of to be immediatelly in action, It was very different opposite classical beginnings. Did like the darkening and flashlights idea, just personally I would make it so as so in some brighter night, at least you have some chance to see anything or maybe the order to use flashlights come too late, but yeah it attracts attention. As in the dark I could hardly see an enemy 1 meter from me, could not make quick PID and shoot him, so dark there was, so it was me shouting there probably :slight_smile: but after I made the PID he was yet behind wall. It would be bad Idea to get out of cover and as so I could se on 1m in front of me, we had no ((Flashlight, yes))/NV/Infra GM option, so it could make different points of view of the situation (in the first insertion part).
Greate Idea was that after player dies he is respawned at other place, it was nice.
What is for me always quite a problem during missions is the extremely loud Arma wind, rain and ace cook off, so Im going, in these situations, to get down the volume of probably Ambiend sound on 10-20% for some time (but it also lowers the sound of direction shooting is comming from).

Good mission overall, though I have several topics where I believe the mission could have been much better:

  • I don’t believe any sane squad leader would scatter away from both their fireteams, no matter the situation. This lead to Charlie lead being cannon fodder and unfun shenanigans ensued. It doesn’t shock me for two fireteams to be separated by a big field, but the lead should be with one of them, not all alone.
  • The combo night without NVGs + heavy rain + no moonlight was a pain to deal with
  • Attachable flash-lights had three times as much brightness than the bloody high beams of my humvee, which was quite ridiculous
  • Heavy rain made communications very difficult with people having their ArmA too loud compared to their Teamspeak

Also, while my full length recording gets uploaded, you may find here a highlight of how Shails can jinx your life by underestimating your medical condition :smiley:

  1. As to sound, we can’t really mandate how people balance their sounds

  2. No NVG equipment was story based, none f the units were supposed to be out longer than nightfall originally, but the sudden attacks made it so the units were stuck out there as it got darker and darker. I added the rain to really create the feeling of oppressiveness from outside the walls of your safe little compound.

I’m just here to complain about the frame rate on Fallujah.

City maps will always have lower frame rate. Can’t be helped

Skippy: You can not balance the sound exactly as you wish as an user. For example I have TS +6Db or +9Db to hear well everybody all the time, but still the winds and rains are extremelly noisy. I understand that it is probably not possible to do anything with it from GM side. But the same If you lower ambient sound (wind, rain) it does too lower the sound of enemy shooting. And it is the main problém, personally for me, I can not say where are the shots are comming from. So there is no easy solution for user but he has to choose between non-noisy rain, wind and enemy shooting direction estimation or noisy rain, wind and normal shooting sounds, which helps with direction estimation. To hear everybody is great to adjust the TS +6 to +9Db but any other higher values decrease quality of the sound a lot. The rain is really nice effect but it is simply too aloud, at least for me, and it s at the end more problém than fun. It s just my point of view.

Full length recording of my position as Charlie 2 FTL

Well I tried, but it’s mostly myself doing a stupid manoeuvre and getting killed for it. I did hold a flashlight for 1 hour though, which is nice.

Also, don’t mind my recording my logging in as admin. The password has been changed !

I found some time to waste so I’m gonna write this post.

First problem was that upon respawn at least 2 people got shot and of them got killed. I was the one that survived and my respawn position was completely out of cover. not cool.

Second problem was that we had no info on the governor. Sorry but ANY unit with such mission has all the information needed. Would you send your soldiers on a mission to protect someone and not tell them how he looks and instead told them "c’mon guys, flags, unarmed guy surrounded by armed guys, this is our guy" it does make sense but at the end of the day we weren’t sure if that was actually him.

Third problem(which applies to all of the OPs actually) is I THINK, might be wrong on that, is that people leave their ACRE speaking volume on default setting which is pretty much a volume of regular talk in your work next to coffee machine. I always go on 2nd to last setting so that everyone in my team can hear me and sometimes spread out quite a bit and you want everyone to hear your clearly. I use the last option if I really want someone far away to hear me. I do have my game pretty loud but I really need to hear those shots. When the rain started I had my game on about 3% volume because I couldn’t hear people talking to me on this ACRE volume in heavy rain and gunfight… Without rain it’s okayish but if someone walks away and is about… 10 meters from me I can barely hear what they say. It IS really bad for communications.

Fourth problem was that I didn’t really see much action(along with very few other people). It’s a small one, it happens but you should try to keep people doing something otherwise I’m feeling like loosing 2 hours of my life…

Fifth problem was the actual defence and it is a huge one for me and if the time allows me I’m gonna make brainstorming thread out of it. The defence was not entertaining at all. I’m really sorry to say that but it felt like shooting those harmless bots in CS:GO. I played few defensive missions or defensive pats of missions and some of them were really tense, it was a true challenge but unfortunately most of defensive gigs is not so great. And the reason is simply the way it’s executed by GM. Here we had to deal with groups of 4 soldiers at best. Is this how you would attack anything? Send 4 guys, out of cover(while there is cover everywhere but not in this one way to the objective) then they die and you send another 4 guys? You need to think how would we perform an attack. Usually it’s from 2 sides, if the numbers allow it, simultaneously with 10-12 people, using cover all the freaking time. If you had sent 20-30 of those bad guys at us, make them use all of those buildings so the only moment out of cover is when some of them run to the walls when the others suppress.

I remember watching one of Dslyecxi videos where they were a medium sized base. It was chaos. Bullets didn’t stop flying over their heads for a second, ammo is running low, people are dying it’s soon time to run because of this. That’s very nice experience, kind of a nice background of it but the most important fact was the AI. They weren’t just rushing like idiots, walking around with no cover, no anything. AI used every defilade there was so some poor bastards could make a move whilst the others make some suppressive fire.
This brings us to one of our OPs that I will remember for ever and that is Rattling Sabre, maybe someone remembers. There was quite a lot of russians there, and it was a frontal attack in the city but to be honest AI acted great. They overwhelmed us with numbers on the first defence positions(they didn’t really have choice) and then the main street was basically unoccupied. AI spread in the town eliminating our teams one by one which is… something we do when we attack.

I’m sorry to bash it but this whole defensive missions stuff has been bugging me for a long time and now there is this thing with ACRE that annoys the shit out of me. No hard feelings :stuck_out_tongue: