Coop - Escape from Soviet Bystrica

Leave your feedback, stories, improvement ideas for next time and else :slight_smile:



I want to write some feedback about the mission from my personal and Zeus view.

I was not listening the briefing, so I had no idea what you want really do, but it s easy to estimate the path.

Some civilians heard the crash and went check the place, which was probably quite a surprise on the border of first 10 minutes.

UAV contacted HQ about your position and movement direction and sended 3x Mech. Inf. to flank you. The way to river was covered by infantery. The way to other crash sites were blocked by infantery close to road to not allow you to join the other survivors from crash site 3. Other group of armed civilians were coming from villange on North but they had no chance agains two squads. The road was blockead heavily and some nice fighting were there.

I did like the decision to move more to South but almost all enemies were yet eliminated.

After you crossed the road I had blackout/power outage in my city or city block for 30 minutes :confused:

I came back after you got reinserted on Survivors 3 marker. Watching the attack on 3 full squads of MI (Mech. Inf.) was really interasting. Would call it a massacre :smiley:

I had technical difficulties after I rejoined like Zeus with moving the units on map and I could not do anything there. Was sincerely affraid that it will end really badly there :smiley: But it was pretty cool at the end.

Wanted send some helicopter there, but I had huge number of technical problems as almost nothing was working for me or it took me 10x more time then normally to do some things.

I think I will not give again dynamic activation for empty vehicles on 50 meters as it can kill players when they come close and in the moment the vehicle is activated and bc previously hitted by rpg explodes.

As I was stressed out badly from the situation I probably did not the best thing for reinforcements as I gave them quadbikes to move to PLT. On the other hand on CNTR it looks like arrival on time.

The nice thing about the supply paradrop was that there was BMD and full truck with infantery like 150m away :smiley: So, you were really lucky there as I did not noticed them there.

After the UAV got shot down enemy lost their eyes and it was problem for enemy to find you.

In the castle I was happy the AIs were blind bc the what happened later in village surprised me a lot.

So, after you eliminated succesfully the EW station. I had some double bug with jets. I clicked on SU-25 rocket run but after I confirmed a bug occured and I had to reconfirm it once again - but I did not noticed it changed the plane type. So it was the A-10 there, my mistake, I did not had double confirm bug before. Hopefully it looked like the A-10 goes for the SU-25.

What was greate was attack on the village. The utilization of the hill was very good and it was really something to see so good coordination and work.

Again, I could not move units or change their states so, I had to delete them and spawn new units in the village. I have to say this border guard groups were pretty deadly opposite those units met before in mission.

I did send some F-18s to cluster bomb them - next time I will inform HQ as the A-10 mistake could couse some missunderstaning. As the F-18s were friendly and meant to clean the area around bridge. So, next time I will for sure contact HQ and inform about friendly aircrafts inbound.

I think about 6 ppl made it to the second side of river and from the Freghar video it looked like very cool action ! :smiley:

When I tried to teleport everybody to the briefing area, somehow it was not working, did it two times and it took about 15-25 seconds to happen. It was huge unexpected delay.

So, I hope you had some good moments during mission and it was good mission for you overall. :wink: