Coop - Escape Arnie

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Edit: Now some feedback.

I was kinda surprised to hear so many people say that engineers were so helpful. To me it seemed that there was some good cover at each different objectives and that trenches were a bit superfluous. We dug many of them nonetheless since there wasn’t a lot more to do.
There was a lack of supplies for us to use: only 5 SLAM mines which did not even trigger in the end. We did not use any of the apers mines as usual as it easily leads to friendly fire. We did use some satchels and charges to create some better defensive position (cheers on that Churizo) but its kinda hard to use them to blow russians up. I would also have liked more static weapons to use but that might becomre a bit too powerful so idk.

Overall I we had some passive gameplay. It would’ve been nice to cover the retreat of the main force between objective putting some mines, satchels and maybe apers mines when the friendlies retreated from the objective.
We did not really make a good use of our own long range radios. We could’ve split ourselves in buddy teams with one digging trenches etc and the other placing some mines behind the retreating element. Just some ideas since we don’t get to play engineers that often.

"Remember that time when we were young and used to compare rocket sizes?"

As usual defense mission are harder to pull off. In a simple attack mission, the players control the flow but here it’s the reverse. The only problem I noticed it, I think the mission was bipolar. At first it was a slaughter and enemies didn’t even get to retaliate and then it was the reverse. Once our tank went down we never really stabilized and since the reinsert timings were a bit unlucky, most us died at past10+ and so we had to wait 50 minutes and basically watch the enemies advance wayyy beyond our control. Then the escape was also a bit too brutal all of a sudden imho. Just a fireteam and maybe a static would have been enough. The btr was pretty well hidden and whiped half of us immediately, leaving the other half wondering where are we even taming fire from.

I think the main issue is the fact that the BTR-80 is really resistant in it’s current iteration, as far as armouring the BTR is a battle taxi, with an average armour of around 10mm, capable of resisting only shell fragments and 7.62 mm rifle rounds. I was a part of the final surviviors at Alamo, and I happened to engage BTRs from the side with a M2 .50 cal twice, once from point blank range (about 100 meters at obj. Silver) and the second time from 500 m away at obj. Alamo. Both times I fired a full ammo box (100) rounds at the sides of the BTR. At any rate the BTR is supposed to be penetrated from the side by the .50 cal from both ranges.

What happened instead was that the BTR was still combat effective after 30-50 rounds to the side, it is only when I was reaching the end of the bin that the vehicles stopped, again I wasn’t the only person engaging it but it did take a whole lot of damage before going down. The crew bailed out uninjured even though I engaged the positions where they ought to be behind armour.

I loved the mission, especially since I got to relive some of my favourite moments from ARMA way back. The fighting retreat was great and the sense of desperation was increasing as we went from 8 guys, to 5, to 4 and finally the last three low on ammo and patched up barely hanging on and high-taile it to alamo, waiting for reinforcements. I will look into feasibility of dual purpose 40 mm grenades against the BTRs. On paper they are supposed to penetrate them with ease, the main issue is to see how well, and if they do their job. We might want to include those into ammo boxes when we’re expecting light armour contact.

EDIT: The 40mm HEDP grenades are hit and miss a direct hit does not guarantee a kill. However 7.62MM AP ammo kills the crew from the side. So any MMG team and redfor autoriflemen ought to be able to kill the BTRs

.50 cals aren’t the only things with issues against BTRs. Pumping the AP rounds from the Bradley autocannon seemed to do nothing until I’d fired 20 or 30, while being hit by the BTR or BMP HE rounds smashed us to pieces. The front of the Bradley should really be quite resistant to simple HE rounds but that was what got us killed: me trying to use AP to, you know, pierce armour.

I experienced similar things. I went up against Mk.19 GMG in a T-80UM and the grenades killed my driver, something that is literally impossible to do. So yeah there’s a bunch of funky shit in the whole story.