Coop - Endzeit

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As it turns out, the CNTR was active during the mission. It still has some ridiculous bugs, however, so if somebody wants to see the Teleporting Zombie Chopper of Doom, check the replay. Be aware, the time seeking doesn’t work properly yet.

Oh shit noone wrote anything… I’ll better get to it.
So the mission was cool, a lot of shooty-bang-bang, I liked it, even tho’ I died like a fucking moron in the 1st town(I loose a lot of immersion after I die). At least I killed like 7 guys before I died there(had 19 at the end of the mission. I like that). Now the attack of this little town was foobar. We went inside like A team but what I’ve noticed on VISCOM after I died was that 1. MAT didn’t help us with their HE rounds 2. Overwatch team had… at least bad position and the only one that was truly covering us was Goat(PLT commander) and he just didn’t spot every Waldo on his screen because he had to talk on the radios and shit. Not a good job there. Later the movement was completely off. There was Alpha 1, enemies, Alpha 2. You were just begging for friendly fire it was really awful to watch from Goat’s perspective(now when I think about it why Alpha SQL didn’t do anything with it?).

From that point it went pretty good. Shakan was very aggressive and we maneuvered pretty fast and as you called a fall back we were already attacking the city and turned the strategy by 180 degree. I must say that Alpha 1 did VERY GOOD in my opinion. Although someone ran in front of my rifle without shouting "crossing" and got his arsehole penetrated with a bullet.

Artillery was very fun, especially when we bunched up before attacking the base and we ran like some stupid rabbits all over the place. Running into open field under(yet undetected) heavy machine gun was fun. It’s always fun to see 6-7 people running with you and see them all drop dead with one guy just going unconscious :smiley: We had a moment with Teddy where we ran for our lives but the HMG scanned the smoke and as Teddy, heavily damaged was trying to heal himself, I got shot, fell down and began to scream "I DON’T WANNA DIE, NOT LIKE THIS" and when I managed to crawl in panic around the corner Teddy passed out, Dulabu joined us and we were trying the help Teddy while all of us were bleeding. Pretty much the only time I didn’t record and I missed some high quality Arma moment…

The attack on base was also kind of horrible. Not much cooperation between teams and there was some friendly fire because noone marked clear areas on the map, noone called what is clear or is being cleared… chaos. We did good afterall(although like 3 people died right next to me in 5 minute time window) but it was very chaotic.

So it was very fun mission, a lot time under suppressive fire, a lot of shooty-bang-bang, a lot of enemies, a lot of kills, a lot of deaths and at least for me, a lot of injuries and panic moments.

One thing I have to point out to Shakan, chill the fuck out… Don’t get me wrong you were extremely good fireteam leader but in the first half of the mission you were kinda annoying. You seem stressed on most of the missions and I don’t really mind it but when you start to shout at people it really becomes annoying.

P.S. Don’t give nuclear rockets for our AT guys. That really wasn’t cool when zcribe killed 90% of people with mini nuke :confused:

[user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] , if you have issues with me please tell me that privately, there is no need to tell people to chill the fuck out publicly, is there?

Also in the end you guys had spare mortar rounds left. Couldve used those on the small town fight. To cover your retreat or to cut down some tree’s. Same goes for MAT’s HE rounds.