Coop - Encirclement

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very cool mission, I like guerilla sorta stuff, and the sabotage objectives.

My 2 cents:

  • What I saw - very well played by everyone - just Skylining was noticeable problem. Like a Zeus (and enemy HQ too) Im looking from EI positions for those mistakes and open fire first.
  • Sometimes concealment is not enough, especially in moments when enemy AR can open on you so it s important to have some defilade close to take hard cover (or defilade)
  • If a lot of bullets is flying around it s just matter of time before being a hit
  • There was EI on the water tower and he was able to shoot at the trenches and bunker for very long time
  • RPG - OG rockets are not effective against armour but EI (it s fragmentation rocket)
    (((If you open the letter "I" menu and get coursor above the rockets, nades, ammo - it ussually has some description (white letters on black background) what it is used for))) Those OG too, does not fly too far away - they have different balistic curve than HEAT rockets)

Some mistakes made by me:

  • In Iguana haven’t switched two friendly units to OPFOR - so they were enemies (did took one of them and got shot by the other on the street to back, luckily no player got hit)
  • The water tower was not placed object by me and I could not destroy it after hit so I placed smoke on ground - which was not ideal
  • The AH-1 should be employed for max 3-4 minutes
  • In briefing haven’t said which armed forces are we figting (forgot)
  • Actually had not idea that the AH-1 will not take damage from the OG or HEAT rockets and could not help as I was preparing airborne attack from different place
  • disable flashlights works only on side and units added


There are two types in the modpack - some are more like molotov coctail and the others are with Thermite - which burn throught metals by temperature 2 200 degrees.


Btw, if anybody want repost it or mark it with CNTO and use it anywhere or do any changes it s totally Ok to do so :wink: