Coop- Elliane

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I liked the mission a lot ! There was a lot of action due only to the high number of enemies and I must say it felt great. I think mission makers shouldn’t be afraid of adding more baddies. I don’t know how it should affect the balance of the mission but we still win 90% of coops and some more challenge could be nice. I honestly thought we would fail this one when we got wiped before the compound and then having to fight two apcs without a single AT. It is cool that the guys managed to come out on top and bring the truck back.
I said this some times already but I really don’t mind failing a mission. This means that it was challenging and a challenging mission we fail is more fun than an easy mission we win. I would also have loved that the amphibious apc at the end blew the truck, resulting in a mission fail or mission draw !
Again, firefights were intense, some of them in the forest were really long. For once we could really practice suppressive fire, peeling and bounding. I felt the overall movement of fireteams was great during the firefights. Communication was great overall, leadership as well and the recruits did a really good job too !

Technically we failed. We took over 30 minutes to long. But at all times there were about 5 guys left who kept on pushing and eventually we got the win. A close win may I say.
I liked the first engagement in the forest. PLT with 2 AR’s from one side and Alpha from the other. We as PLT were fighting down hill and were just mowing them down. Every time we had an engagement we moved. And we suffered no casualties before we crossed the river because of it.
Fire and maneuver, that’s the name of the game.