Coop - Dude, Where's My Tank?

feedback me bitch

A lotta fun. I loved the enviroment and firefights. I loved that it was very dynamic and we got to see a lot of the map.

The narrative was AWESOME - i love this 3 way warfare.

2 birds in the sky - also great, i have a lot of shots of strafe runs and air battles.

More missions like this!

From my perspective, AAR, I was missing some things

  • 360* after heli disembarking
  • keeping formations (form, spread, distance)
  • proper communication protocols
  • contact reports
  • being safe at first place (so many ppl injured)

Felt like we are playing it too loose this time and generally it s more and more loose which I do not prefer… I know it s Friday but lets do things like CNTO.