Coop - Drug Wars

Please leave stories & feedback about the mission!

Since people are shy, I’m going to start :slight_smile:

I liked the mission. Tembalan is a beautiful map and it was a pleasure playing on it. Looking forward to more Tembalan missions.

Only two things I didn’t like were that Bravo didn’t set up proper security to the back while supporting Alpha in the first town which made possible to rebels to sneak up on us and that us grunts had no idea what was happening in the mission story wise. But I understand that the story itself was unlike what we had before which made it more difficult to catch everything.

I also liked the more serious approach we had this time. It helped with immersion. I hope we continue on this path.

So, props to [user avatar=“” name=“Stuka”]17454636[/user] for a good mission and [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] for wonderful leading.

Yeah it was interesting to try a mission where the objectives are unknown and you have to wing it. Forgive me if I was asking people to wander back and forth and then suddenly change orders at points. That was me looking for clues as to what to do and then responding to new information. I tried to balance reacting to things quickly with pausing to rearm, assess and consult with leaders but I probably sacrificed passing along information and regrouping to allow elements to push on to objectives and go ahead of the main force when I or the element leader thought they could get on with the mission.

This was my first mission in a long time so I don’t know if this training format is new or not, but I must say it worked great. I think it is safe to assume that more players attended that evening because the op name didn’t mention it was a training.
The training was implemented inside a full operation instead of several mini exercises, and it felt great. People who normally wouldn’t be there for a training got some reminders on how to do a proper convoy anyway but also had their normal CNTO operation.
The only regret I have is that we didn’t actually have the opportunity to practise what was discussed in the "briefing" since the convoy never got ambushed. (Maybe because of DMT’s "aggressive recon" ?)