Coop - Drop Point

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I’m truly amazed by this.

Alright, I apologise for disconnecting early but I would have had to leave by 23 and dying surely hasn’t motivated me into waiting for resinerrtion. Bravo 1 did well overall and the squad in general did a good performance except for some issues in communications due to ACRE being a silly boi.
Two things I didn’t enjoy much in the mission are moving from one target to another with a helicopter, the objectives seemed no related whatsoever and it felt more like 4-5 separate missions. Second thing are the trees: they provided little to no cover and stood in the way enough to prevent us to spot the enemy in time to actually take a decent fire position/formation; either that or I’m getting blind.

Anyways thanks Anders for the OP, had fun and of course thanks to everyone in Bravo, we rocked.

I thought it was great the way we had to use air this mission and I’d love to do more like it. Only thing I’ll say is it might have been interesting to use the RHS littlebirds instead of the vanilla hummingbird, as it means air can be much more useful scouting.

Maybe remove this topic as Anders has already created one of his own?

Fun mission Anders! Unlike Henrik, I enjoyed moving around in helis & didn’t mind there was no real continuity between objectives. It’s an interesting change from our usual stuff. I liked the map even if there was always foiliage in the way.

Delta rightfully noted during the debreif that we had the helicopters on the ground for too long. I think it was partially due to the limited space in them & people sometimes having to run around to find a spot. Although at the very end, I think that rocket should have hit its mark to teach us a lesson.

Alpha 1 did a great job & [user avatar=“” name=“Thorax”]18933178[/user] made it all the way through the OP without dying which is pretty great!

[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user], despite all the trolling, I’d be happy to play under your command again.

I honestly expected that we were either going to get 2 objectives done or get everything done in 2 hours, [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] made the mission absolutely perfect in that regard (which is surprisingly difficult to do). Furthermore I did enjoy the change of pace from usual operations where Nightbird/Reaper’s only job is ferrying in reinforcements every hour and occasionally ferry in a supply crate. All in all I very much enjoyed yesterday’s operation.

I myself learned a couple of lessons yesterday:

  • Beware of rubber-banding while driving (is there any way to prevent this??)
  • Don’t attack an objective with only 3 people because you assume that the camp would be very much distracted by the main assault.

Regarding my squad I can’t make any complaints whatsoever, I was handed 2 very capable fireteamleaders with each 2 amazing soldiers(one them being our latest recruit [user avatar=“” name=“Thorax”]18933178[/user] at their disposal. Assaulting objectives, moving in a squad column, bounding and overwatch: not a single thing took longer than necessary. In short an absolute dream.

Thank you everyone who played and thanks Anders!

EDIT: wanted to apologize for shooting Skippy at the end of the op, shouldn’t have done that.

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I couldn’t see enemies past the grass but they could see my dome fine. Out of interest how many people disable grass? because it seems like the AI does. I also wanna say the extracts were extremely sloppy, slow and cringworthy. The helicopter pilots did nothing wrong per say (except when they didn’t say dismount that one time and took off before ryujin had dismounted and the squad lead said all off) The squad was extremely slow at mounting up

Mission was nice. The only thing I didn’t like is that there was no friendly AI. :wink: