Coop - Derailed Part I

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Absolutely nothing wrong with the Zeusing in this mission, except to perhaps suggest that if you allowing or providing for a heavier element with the PLT (I.e DGR with T80’s.) it would be nice to see some reason to NEED them there. A few infantry scattered around is a might waste of a Vehicle crews time.

Still, as we didn’t get through the missions fully, I’ll hold that point for the moment. We may yet see a lot more thrown in our path :wink:

Which brings me to the next feedback. This was a 2hr20 mission, as is almost standard on our Tuesdays. In that time, we as a collective PLT, fully armed and armoured, succeeding in crossing a bridge twice, clearing a farm hour and chatting to a few locals. Movement was far, far too slow and assets were extremely underutilised.

Not complaining about the use of mortars too much as we had Dagger to deal with immediate threats. Mortar should be used to prepare an area that you suspect has defending enemy or large groups that are fairly far away (a few hundred meters) it is going to take a minute for rounds to hit the ground from being called for so bear that in mind if you call in mortar rounds. Also remember to say how many rounds and to call it in on a marker that you leave up FM1 for fire mission 1 and so on. The marker can then be used for correction.