Coop - CS: Corazon

Map: Lingor
Time: 1027
Weather: Clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Unknown User”]0[/user]

After the extended droughts in 2017 led to worldwide famines, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) invaded South America in late summer 2017/2018.
The plan to seize the whole continent and make it into a colony to feed their people back in Asia.

SCO had successfully captured Ecuador and Peru by April 2018 and they are currently concentrating their efforts on taking Colombia and Brazil.

NATO decided to support the Union of South American Nations (USAN) in the defense.
In addition to ongoing weapons shipments, NATO recently deployed air force assets to Brazil to protect the airspace and help with airlift logistics.

Meanwile, the Colombian National Army (CNA) was able to stop the SCO at Lingor.


I Situation:

SCO was successfully stopped from capturing Maruko.

It is now time to launch a counterstrike and retake Lingor.

Today’s goal is to secure Corazon.

Friendly Forces:

[*] 53rd Infantry Battalion


[] 9x MRAP (10 passengers)
] 2x Hummingbird (2 crew, 6 passengers)
[] 8x Portable Boat (5 passengers)
] 2x M2A3 Bradley (depending on outcome of ‘Conglomerate’)

Enemy Forces:

[] Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
] SCO might still try to move on Maruko.


[*] All civilians have been evacuated from Lingor.

II Mission:

Secure Corazon.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[] Eliminate all SCO forces in Corazon.
] Set up security at checkpoint Sur to prevent SCO from moving on Corazon again.

Movement Plan

[] At CO’s discretion.
] Ground vehicles, helicopters and boats are available for transport.

IV Administration / Logistics:


[] Infantry resupplies are located at the gate of the barracks area.
] Repair and Rearm trucks are parked south of the barracks, with the MRAPs.


[] At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
] At predesignated times, an air transport will be sent out to pick up reinforcements from the base.
[*] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.

Area of Operations:

Enemy Forces:


Could we have the starting location on Maruko ?

I would hereby like to propose a 4-phase approach.

Phase 1 - "Omaha"

  • CNTO forces (consisting of PLT, Alpha, very likely MAT, and Dagger) will drive southwards in a convoy consisting of 2 MRAPs and Dagger as Vic 1 towards the city of Sanvigado. The platoon should bring the necessary amount portable boats (4-5 should suffice).
  • Upon reaching the dismount marker Dagger will proceed to the Dagger OW point and wait for the assault to commence. Infantry elements will dismount and proceed to the river bank on foot (unless portable boats can’t be carried in the inventory, in which case the infantry elements should drive as close to the river bank as possible).
  • Under overwhelming suppressive fire provided by Dagger, infantry elements will cross the river as quick as possible, landing at the end of the road visible on the map. Smoke grenades should be deployed from grenade launchers to further hamper any attempts to repel the attack. Once landed, they will proceed to storm the block of buildings designated as OBJ Copper. Once the foothold has been established phase 2 will commence.

Phase 2 - "Pegasus"

  • Infantry elements will proceed to assault the southern bridgehead of the sole bridge in the city, designated OBJ Bronze. Dagger will remain in the designated AO and support the infantry efforts.
  • Once the objective is secured, Dagger will cross the bridge and prepare for phase 3. Should reinforcements be available at the time they will cross together with Dagger

Phase 3 - "Quicksilver"

  • Infantry elements will proceed to clear the rest of the city of Corazon until the area designated as OBJ Iron. Dagger will move to an overwatch point north of the city, providing fire support to other elements while maintaining a close eye on the river crossing north of the city, should the enemy decide to attack Maruko.
  • Should the enemy attack, the capture of the city will be postponed and until the threat from the west has been dealt with.

Phase 4 - "Rhine"

  • Using terrain features as cover, infantry elements will approach CP Sur, designated as OBJ Gold, and assault it using a two-pronged approach while being assisted by Dagger which will provide suppressive fire from the marked overwatch point.
  • Once captured, all elements will dig in at the CP Sur and prepare to repel any attempts to retake the city.
  • Upon receiving clearance from the HQ, the elements will return to the FOB. All used vehicles should be returned.

There we go, open to suggestions!

Looks nice & simple.

Regarding the river crossing, which is the particularly risky part, maybe it could be performed in 2 steps with the main infantry element (Squad) crossing first on 2-3 boats and having the support elements (MAT, MMG, DMT) remain behind near their boats. This could help provide additional security & fire power, especially MAT if any enemy vehicle tries to storm the beach and dagger is already taking care of infantry forces.
Although the risk in this manoeuvre is that we would lose momentum as the first element to across would have to hold a somewhat secure location to provide cover so that remaining elements can cross. Or they just stick with dagger until the southern part of the bridge is taken.

Of course, this is only applicable if we have the numbers to fill support elements in addition to dagger & the infantry squad.

About the crossing: I’m pretty sure that the boat passengers are able to shoot from it. If that’s so then all units can cross at the same time, providing extra suppression while crossing, without the need to prolong the assault. So, I’m for an all-out assault.

Additionally, I wouldn’t want to split the forces as either way something might go wrong and the rest of the forces is not there to back them up. Additionally, since CQB battles tend to go horribly wrong for us, we need to leverage the fact we might suddenly lose a whole fireteam during the 2nd phase. Let’s remember that the enemy has medium and heavy armor and those can devastate our men even when in cover.

As for the enemy vehicles storming the beach, that is possible, but it seems that only a small number of buildings have a direct line of sight of the proposed beachhead. The crossing itself shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, so the infantry should be able to suppress defenders themselves while Dagger refocuses on the vehicles. Should the enemy decide to cross the bridge and hunt down Dagger, maybe it’s not that bad. That way we’d have less vehicles to deal with in the city, and I’m quite confident Dagger will be able to snipe some of them trying to cross the bridge. As long as Dagger stays alert we can pull it off.

It’s not a foolproof plan, but hey…

Nice planning guys. I have to say something - realistically, you would not stand a chance and no army commander would send 20ish men strong unit to assault objective like Corazon. This is a battalion sized operation but since we are missing some 450 players we’ll have to make believe.

Shakan (17713582) - assaulting straight into the city is a nightmare. Allies in WW2 didn’t go for Cherbourg (even though, as a port it would be a high value target) immediately because the amount of rugged defense they would encounter, and the bridgehead itself would be very vulnerable to be driven back to the sea. Another problem with your plan is ENY reinforcement route GOLD (see my map) which will still be somewhat helpful to the ENY and instead of isolating the objective, you will fight the enemy able to reinforce himself.

Phase 1 - My suggestion is to execute encirclement movement with your infantry and instead of assaulting to the city, attack OBJ 1 and 2 cutting the route gold and basically isolating the ENY in Corazon, then destroy them piecemeal. The DAGGER would be positioned pretty much in similar spot and support by fire crossing over river. As far as I remember, there are 2 dagger teams (tanks) and we should suppress the enemy in AO EAST as well and pin the defenders down while we are crossing the river. After seizing hills OBJ 1 and 2, take full control by fire over ROUTE GOLD and cut off AO EAST from reinforcements.

Phase 2 - Split the force that crossed the river in two, one is security preventing ENY reinforcements from ROUTE GOLD and also any movement between AO SOUTH/NORTH and AO EAST/BRIDGE (very long LOS from the south is possible across ROUTE SILVER).

DAGGER executes strong tank bombardment of AO EAST and BRIDGE.

The second element - assault element should consist of most infantry assets. They all explosives, grenades and smoke grenades from security element and head towards AO EAST under strong covering fire from DAGGER (east bank of the river) and security element from OBJ 1. Using smoke assault AO EAST. Execute strong tank bombardment of AO BRIDGE, using smoke assault and mop up OBJ BRIDGE.

Phase 3 - Dagger can now finally reposition on north bank of the river. DAGGER executes strong tank bombardment of AO NORTH and again, assault force mops up AO NORTH.

Phase 4 - DAGGER isolates AO SOUTH (tanks on crossroads) and with help of assault force you assault and mop up AO SOUTH.

Still, consider that this is one hell of FUBAR mission even with piecemeal commitment of the ENY. Force ratio is not on your side and you will need to defeat the enemy in detail to have any chance and hope that Gods of War (Zeus) stay merciful to you.

In theory your plan is probability better Highway. Although, as you pointed it out, our numbers are low and I fear that splitting infantry forces with one team covering & one team assaulting could end badly.
Indeed, if enemy reinforcements do take route Gold & the cut-off element is overwhelmed, the assault element will be pinched between Corazon, or part of Corazon, & the entering enemy forces.

I am no tactician but that’s the potential risk that comes to mind if things really turn bad (which they usually do).
Shakan’s plan is simpler & relies on exceptional MOUT effectiveness but the initial attack is exposed to fewer buildings & a pinching manoeuvre from the enemy may be less likely. If the bridge is successfully taken quickly, it also allows for a quicker reinforcement route.

Can’t wait to try any of those 2 propositions though & see what worked & what didn’t !

On the other hand, assuming the enemy forces will be at least as strong as the last time, we can probably expect a lot of them coming out way as a backup. If they start pouring more troops into the town capturing the bridge will only serve to flee back home. :smiley: I’ll consider what [user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] said and make certain plan adjustments. I’ll get back to you after work today.

[user avatar=“” name=“Stuka”]17454636[/user] - very likely neither will work, objective size and available force are a heavy mismatch. Especially considering enemy can push towards Maruko. My advice to you guys - bombard Corazon with whatever tool you have and then pursue whatever plan you want. Pin the enemy down in Corazon for at least 30 minutes with really really heavy bombardment. Only in the last 20 minutes of full hour start maneuvering around the battlefield so whatever casulties you take will soon be replenished in the upcoming reinforcement wave.

This village is very similar in position to Vukovar (approx 6 times bigger than Corazon), where enemy forces used 700000 artillery shells in the siege (12000 per day) and entire army group.