Coop - Corazon (LyO)

Please share all your feedback, stories and memories from Corazon - second part of Zjosua’s campaign.

(Sorry, not exactly related to the mission content.)

I think we should use the 2nd / 3rd squads more instead of having everyone in one squad + PLT element, especially if we have people to barely fill up one squad + platoon element. Because then we end up using fireteams as squads due to low amount of people needing to cover everything and expose the commander to more danger because the associated people also want some action.


  • we had 14 people today in one squad + platoon element
  • we could have had 2 in platoon and 6+6 in Alpha and Bravo
  • separate squads would get their own map markers and long range radios
  • one medic in each squad, like today when I went Bravo and then joined up with yellow team of Alpha, which proved to be pretty handy due to fireteam separation
  • we could pick whatever loadout suitable for the mission - ie. if we had a MAT team and we weren’t expecting much armour, we could have one or both squads AT-less, with extra LMG firepower instead
  • latecomers would have free slots to join
  • SLs would be essentially fireteam leaders, with FTLs being reduced to 2IC and fill the role of grenadiers/spotters

Mission was good, the grid system was great for bringing some cohesion into clearing the town. Overall command and teamwork went really well in alpha despite some friendly fire. However, some guys, myself included reported lower than average fps during the mission. I think it started back at base so it wasn’t because of close proximity to the big town, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

The only infuriating thing was a lagspike or something I got while clearing the roof of the big school building. My controls locked up so I phased through the wall and fell from the roof. Apparently I took out a section of a wall at the bottom so our guys could advance faster so my death wasn’t a complete loss.

I am very glad to see more of these "simpler" missions where we’re free in how we want to approach the mission. Also it never felt like Zeus intervened much, so that was beautiful.

As Dvdesa said the frames were not amazing. I think this has some to do with lingor already being an intensive map to run. It never felt like the area was overpopulated with enemies or other frame-killing show off from Zeus so I think the map is mostly to blame for that.

The AI felt very nice. It seemed like they were able to hit us, but only if you made a mistake or took a chance. It didn’t feel like there were a lot of enemies though. When we got into firefights the amount was perfect, but it was a little too rare that we actually got into firefights.

Anyways lovely mission, I’m just not a fan of Lingor :stuck_out_tongue:


I was in Dagger with [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Eistee”]11628947[/user] . We were mostly on the background clearing the town from far away for the rest of the team to move in in relative safety. The thing we discusted was how we felt like there was some unfair GM powerplaying. [user avatar=“” name=“Zjosua”]13255879[/user] please reply to this if you feel like anything I am about to say is false or does not seem right to you.

Both times we took alot of time and safety precautions to clear the side of the town we were going to move in to. We even destroyed some buildings so suprise attacks were out of the picture. But somehow, even after all that preperation, the moment we entered the town over the bridge and went to the cleared safe side of the beach, shit hit the fan. Out of nowhere we got hit by two RPG’s almost instantly after each other. Then a complete enemy squad comes out of nowhere from the place we made sure we cleared. After shooting most of them down we tried to escape by the lovebird. Then seb, who was flying, got shot down quite accurate from the beach causing the lovebird to crash and kill everyone.

We couldn’t help but think that this was some heavy GM powerplaying. It does not really make the Dagger class more fun if you spend almost an hour making sure the town is clear, just to get instantly suprised by a full squad with atleast two RPG’s the moment you enter. If this was the case then please try to avoid doing this in the future. If this wasn’t the case, then I am very interested in seeing where the enemy came from on the CNTR replay.

Without continuing this anymore, I just want to mention the second time we died was in a same fashion. Good scouting, carefull movement, just to get shot by RPG’s out of seemingly nowhere, out of a cleared sector.

The mission itself was fun and even though this seems like a salty feedback, it’s not ment that way. I appreciate the mission and thought you did a good job on all the other elements. The grid system worked nicely and the setting was fun.

As for the FPS issues, I had them aswell, so it must have been the map somehow.

I enjoyed the mission, straight forward & with a lot of possibilities to complete the objectives.
I also noticed a few fps drops but nothing too inconvenient on my part. I don’t know if it’s really due to the map because the mission on Lingor last week ran smoothly all the way through for me.

As stated above by Raccoon, the grid system helped a lot for the movement through Corazon (hurray Shakan) and made everyone’s job easier. It definitely should be used as often as possible when clearing large urban areas.
Movement on the map was also interesting, Lingor has the advantage of having a very hilly terrain which makes for extra cover when needed.

The mission started off well, eventhough we were punished swiftly after crossing the river with a grenade dropping on A1. I think we just took too long too move away once the landing site was secured.
The assault on CP Sur went very well with A1 performing the assault while A2 was covering after MAT had blown up a threatening MAV. It was nice to see from where I was hiding.

As for the movement through the town, the infantry encountered minimal opposition but I suppose it was thanks to dagger who had done most of the heavy lifting prior to our assault.
Freghar’s suggestion is interesting, it is true we were streched a bit thin sometimes and fireteams were far appart. I tried to maintain cover capabilities between the teams but it was not always easy depending on the buildings’ configurations. Fortunately, we were never in real danger and only suffered one casualty while clearing the entirety of Corazon & that was when Dvdesa lost coordination of his legs.

Another fail to note was when Tropical tried to blow open a wall with a rocket so we could move inside a small compound: it did not work.

Thanks for the mission Zjosua!

If a rocket doesn’t work, try throwing [user avatar=“” name=“Dvdesa”]17948690[/user] at it, seems to do the trick.