Coop - Contended Territory

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I liked the mission. Im not that good with feedback but I still like to point out that I think the mission was fun because it did not have too much detail. The objective was simple but still a challenge. Take over 3 places and follow the route that the leaders decided. Thanks everyone! And sorry for the headshot [user avatar=“” name=“Dvdesa”]17948690[/user]

Lovely mission. After being away for 10 months this was a treat to come back to.

It felt like the mission was tailored around the play and not the show. There was a fair amount of enemies which were still deadly. Never felt like the two sides were not equal which I was a little afraid of before hand.

The mission was simple but still interesting. I loved that it was just us against the enemy and no big show with friendly AI and cinematic ideas. Made it that much more involving as we were the ones calling the shots. Also never felt like the GM intervened which was beautiful.

This style of mission was also very generous on fps and I think it shows that you do not need a shit ton of AI and visuals to have a fun mission.

Also very good leadership throughout the mission. Decisions were taken quickly and people were listened to.

Thanks for a great mission guys!

Alright, I’d like to thank everyone from coming yesterday!

As already said during debrief you did surprisingly well and completed the tasks quicker than expected. DMT acted more like support/secondary fire element instead of purely scouting but I guess that’s because of the forests, and overall I found it useful (for instance when clearing the roadblock and flanking the town, great move!). The attack on the airfield went smoothly as well, except for not clearing a building which led to someone getting shot, and speaking of casualties overall you didn’t get many which is good. As for the armoured vehicles I decided to remove them since you were busy already but awesome shot on the BTR incoming.

So very well played guys, from above you looked professional :slight_smile: