Coop - Conglomerate (LyO)

Please leave your impressions, feedback and war stories from Conglomerate in this topic.

I just wanted to ask [user avatar=“” name=“Zjosua”]13255879[/user] - did AI behave ok, were they responsive? What about spotting distance and general behavior?

I liked the mission a lot, eventhough we didn’t do things as Zjosua intended. It was only my second time on Lingor & I enjoy the change of environment. The jungle and hilly terrain make for interesting firefights.

The flanking manoeuvres performed by the AI were excellent and took advantage of the weaknesses in our positions forcing us to relocate and adapt. I suppose this comes down to Zjosua who was able to control the AI very well.

Thanks for the mission!

I liked this mission and felt like red team teamleader knows what to do and there was no confusion about whats going on. For me, it looks like good organized fighting, and i would play this game longer :slight_smile:
I just heard around, that there was lack of AT weapons or rockets. Red team, I think had no AT soldier or AT weapon, if im right.
Died just once when GMG APC was shooting at our position. Have been bleeding except my right arm and was trying to patch myself, (as there was still the APC and I tought medic is too far from me) at the end I bled out. I had multiple different injuries and found out I have to probably apply different bandages, cloth on different injuries.
Found a good video about it, if it is stil valid for Ace:

Sometimes units got stuck after remote controlling them.
Some groups also wouldn’t dismount from vehicles.

But this happened mostly when they were not in your view, so I just deleted and replaced the buggy units.

For me it was a blast to get back into the shoes of squad leader for the 2nd time and also a change of terrain was nice and so was the mission itself.

I REALLY REALLY have no idea why we didn’t defend further into the town. I thought we were going to peel back into the town and retreat from there but we just completely ignored that area. It makes sense from a defensive point of view, I guess, it’s easier to defend when there’s a choke point rather than a city(which is also kind of choke point but not really) but from the point of view of the mission it was really dumb as we were meant to slow the enemies down. Complete brainfart on that one. I guess the placement of explosives(half of them) could have been better, we didn’t think it through that much but overall planning was nice and I enjoyed it. It was rather sudden decision of mine to be a squad leader that night so I didn’t read any planning posts(and I think neither did Shakan) and it took us… more time than we would like. It’s a shame because I really like planning but cus of my personal shit happening I just can’t be arsed with it :confused: I must also say that those leadership trainings actually did their job because I could understand terrain more from the map and what could and what couldn’t be a good cover or where do we might get shot from. Turns out it was a good session of trainings Dachi :slight_smile:

Anyways, going back to what Shakan said on debrief about communication and figuring out what’s up with everyone.
I honestly don’t know why you said that communication could be better. As far as I’m concerned people were responding with "copy that" or whatever with rather small exceptions. Sometimes when you’re in a fight or multi-tasking as FTL or rather SQL you might just forget to say copy that when the comm was rather an information than an order or a question. We were providing all the info you wanted and little bit more. Communication between the Alpha teams was good. Well… teams didn’t really talk to eachother but there was no need for that TBH. One thing I don’t like is when I say "fall back" and I see 2 guys sneaking up on a vehicle with an AT. Guys… I know your intensions were good and after all it did work out well but if you got pinned down too far away from the rest then it’s over for you and we might just loose 2 people. Also when I(or whoever) say "fall back" I really want you to fall back instead of dicking around for few extra moments. And maybe it wasn’t necessary for this mission but FTLs should try to set up formations when moving.

You also said that communication between squads could be better and that we didn’t talk to eachother. Well… We didn’t have to. Other teams were well managed by you and they were really doing their best. There was no need for asking anything.

And Mother, you had AT gunner in your team. And next time say on the radio that you need help. We have smokes, medic, we can carry you. If you keep your misery to yourself then we don’t know that you need help. Don’t be shy on the radio. P.S Holy fuck I think I never met someone who actually bled out to death in our community. It’s always being either finished off by a shot or just instant death. And quickcloths are shit. Use them for little things like small puncture wounds or scrapes. You linked that video about ACE medical system so you have a lot of info there but if you want it in compressed form you can message me.

Mission’s capture is up on CNTR now, feel free to take a peek.

I don’t like typing as much as I like to talk, so I’ll just say this: [user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] , I didn’t mean to point fingers or place blame on anybody regarding communication, it was more related to what Dachi told me when I was leading the platoon during the training, that I should not micromanage too much, I should let unit leaders do their thing after having given broad tactical orders. To know when to order a general retreat I need to know when it’s burning. Maybe there is a better way, I dunno, I just felt I was missing general awareness for whatever reason. So no harm done, I just need input.

Btw big props to [user avatar=“” name=“Dvdesa”]17948690[/user] for saving our butts at the last defense line, I didn’t see you because I was busy being a little bitch behind the trucks. :slight_smile:

nah I don’t feel like you’ve pointed any fingers, I was just wondering what was your point :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah awarness as a leader is tough sometimes. I guess you just have to ask for SITREPs more often. No better way to find out what’s up other than going to the place.

But I would say that was actually micromanaging there from you. I personally didn’t feel it but I guess other elements were told what to do all the time but that’s just my impression. IMO that was good leading but according to what you said above it was done in a wrong way then. Still very good job, talkative platoon and squad leaders are always good :slight_smile:

I left during the mission because I insta died twice because of super accurate vehicles on long range. Died 2 minutes after the first insert and then again 5 minutes after the insert. No fun.
Is there something to be done about the long range insta kills from vehicles?
Also MAT rockets with the basic scope kind of suck.

Even less accurate? … Currently, it’s like this:


(I also tried ~1km and after 5 minutes gave up as the gunner couldn’t hit me.)

400 m and 300 m insta kill on this event. No fun.

this small mod probably work in multiplayer too, how it s written there, it lowers AI accuracy only and does not make them slow or stupid, they just shoot badly. I think it make some automatic dispersion of bullets for the AI = they do not have accurate guns bc hight dispersion (i think). With all the JSRS sound mods, the hitting bullets into the trees and flying everywhere around is wou experience, and with appropriate cover, you do not die offen.

I have right now all ASR mods, 100% general skill, colonel rank, 100% movement in game and 20% accuracy in game + the accuracy fix mod. (the mod makes much better work then the accuracy level 0-100% in game menu)

It should work on all IA units and it s written it rescans game for new units on map. So if new units appears on map, the mod scan for them and higher they gun dispersion (i think it s dispersion think not just accuracy but im not sure).

I would recomend to try this and you see it really makes difference, you will know immediately i believe.

I thought you were kidding… then I saw this XD

Hmm, we’ll see if the reduced spotDistance/spotTime helps with this, it should. You probably got spotted by skylining on that hill, which enormously boosts AI spotting capabilities ( ), but the accuracy is weird.

I don’t know Arma simulates a low accurancy but if it is based on randomizing where AI shots land, there is always going to be a probability that this kind of stuff happen.

Could be luck. Guys please the Freghar’s post about AI and spotting above, it’s really useful to stay alive. We have got a bit careless and ghosting ourselves too much.

I had a blast, finally playing after a long time off. Mission was great, leader was doing his job very good. Think that he called every retreat in just a right time.

Overall we get kicked in the arse,but that was the point of this mission, we gave our best :slight_smile: claymoremore was useful, but exsplosives charges that we put was not. Maybe for the next time it will be great if we have a bridge that can be destroyed, to really stop the invading force…that could add for the engineer team a more useful role.

Anyways thanks for the misson Zjousa, looking forward for the next one. :thumb:

Oh, nice to hear some nice words about my leading but to be honest Shakan was telling me that we should get ready for falling back and I actually just called most of them when we actually fell back.

But the accuracy seems fine, I don’t know what you people want. It is strange what happened here but there’s always a chance for that. On one of the leadership trainings i got shot down by suppressive fire 2 times(out of 3 tries), once through the smoke by complete blind fire from zeus and once blind, running and shooting, without aiming style by zeus. So yeah… shit happens. Also I was again killed on this mission by suppressive blind fire even tho I was crawling my way into the cover… The truth is that when you watch Freghar’s video and imagine 3 other people around him(or more) it’s pretty fucking high chance that someone will get shot and it might be even insta kill. My point is that suppressive fire tends to kill people if those people are not behind any cover and you, Shiny were just unlucky enough to die like this twice :confused: