Coop - Con Air

Please share your stories, feedback and the dance of your people.

Feedback on Tactics:

  1. LZ Procedures need to be on point, see here for how to do it LZ Procedure

  2. Cut the crap when waiting around, have fun and talk but keep the noise down and don’t build trenches or move stuff it is just very annoying and unprofessional.

  3. Listen in to comms try not to chat about non-game stuff when leading it is hard enough as a leader to catch all the comms coming in without messing around in direct, there was was a lot of missed comms i.e. people missing my comms to them and it was very frustrating.

  4. Don’t build trenches on the LZ or over smoke it the only person throwing smoke should be the SL or the Plt Comd depending on if it is a squad or platoon extraction and the smoke colour for vehicle extraction is BLUE.

Mission Feedback:

The mission was very enjoyable and the Platoon performed very well.

Good job all, just remember we want to be the best so take on board feedback.

ohh and we need to work on the AT shots as we missed three on one target :-d

Good mission ! Had fun. Liked the littlebird insertions, objectives, especielly the last one and castle :slight_smile:

Nice movement.

Just want say about Wedges - TL is first (unless said differently), AR is on one side of wedge and on the other side is AAR and behind him AT. (this thing is ussualy forgotten or forgotten after first contact and regroup does not happen)

— ----TL
AR---- —AAR
– ---- ---- — – AT