Coop - Combined Arms

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Loved the mission, thanks Highway!

There were firefights where we had control and were able to use tactics and movement easily. Also there were firetfights where the enemy was in control where we had to think fast to overcome.

The terrain was lovely, we had good movement and the fps were perfect.

I think MAT was used very well throughout. It was a little boring at the start when we just had to cover Dagger’s ass, but it got better.

I must say there was a bit too much looting going on in my opinion. Some took enemy AT when MAT was pretty much full on ammo. Also we had just been rearmed and I don’t think the AT had been taken from the supplies (might be wrong).

Also I’m not sure whether it should be allowed to move the MAT ammo box from base. I think it should mainly be there so the loadout could be changed at start to suit the mission better. There’s already MAT ammo in the standard ammo box as far as I know.

MAT can’t be at multiple places at the same time and can’t engage multiple enemies at the same time. We were just reinserted after getting wiped out by enemy armor and we lost Dagger. What would happen if we lost MAT, as well? Our AT support would be basically none. SQL gave permission to take enemy AT to be used only as last resort and I don’t see any issues with that.

From a point of combat effectiveness it’s of course the right choice.

I think it’s more interesting and fun though to have to manage ammo and so on more. If we lost MAT aswell there would have been a really stressed and pressured scenario of people scrambling for AT - which would add to the experience.

I’d like to see us fall back for resupply more or having to trade magazines or even pull up the sidearm that most people probably forgot we had.

Then there’s also a realism point of view. From what I understand from articles and documentaries there’s a ton of reasons not to pick up enemy weapons in real combat. Not that many apply to Arma though so it’s a different kind of arguement…

Unfortunately it was the issue when MBT-52 Kuma (Dagger) got blown up, it was difficult for MAT. But bare in mind, you guys destroyed 2 T-80 and 6 BTR/BMP armored vehicles. Think only one or two was destroyed by Dagger.

We destroyed the two T-80’s and two BTR’s!!!

Sorry Skippy, I didn’t see in the confusion.