Coop - Cobra's Rise

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here!

This is my 1st op after 6 years of not mission making, so please provide any mission making feedback as well!

Really liked the very limited scope of the mission. I very much like more extensive mission plans, of course, but these missions that are a little more down to earth are definitely nice too, especially since it has been a while.

As said during debrief, we did a lot well despite suffering a couple of mass classes. The bounding advance through the field was well and quickly executed (never mind the meat grinder we bounded happily into). I also think that in general from what I saw people were on task and doing their jobs right - which is something that you often get in these high intensity missions.

I also got to actively dodge two RPGs in our last position. They were fired right at me from 400 meters away so I had time to actually side step them, which is s new experience. Of course the third collapsed the building and killed me that way, but still cool.

Only real thing I was confused about was that we had a load of APCs that were well armed and decently armored (and quick!), but we decided to get out and leave all those advantages behind in order to slow boat it through entirely open and exposed terrain. Personally I think I would have ordered the squad to take advantage of the surprise and boat it across the open terrain into cover while nuking the shit out of exposed troops with the .50 and maybe the cannisters. Never used the cannisters from this mod before though, so I don’t know their characteristics, it might have been able to penetrate buildings?

Also, in my last unit we stopped using cannister because they caused an unholy amount of frame droppage. Did we test those weapons? Would be good to know.

Anyway, very fun mission despite my 3 or 4 deaths. Hope to see more.

Good mission! Enjoyed myself until we began the defense at the end, that was slow going for me. Mission could have ended there, wouldn’t have changed my evening. Something to keep in mind for yourself in terms of length, I guess.

For Alpha: Stop fucking around with the assets that aren’t yours. I made a whole post about how we are turning more casual and destroying PLTs drone and using a launcher at debrief is beyond stupid. Keep that shit for your antistasi or liberation or whatever the fuck but switch on during ops